12 Ways Life Gets Harder in the Third Trimester

When you’re pregnant and really start to show (think: third trimester), you’ll always get a seat on the bus and you have a ready excuse from any activity of your choice.

In some instances, however, the bigger you get the harder it is do some things. For example;

#1 Sleeping

Trying to sleep during third trimester

Be prepared-you’ll be lucky if you can sleep for 8 minutes straight during your third trimester without having to get up to pee. Forget about 8 hours of sleep. On the rare night your bladder does cooperate, your baby will probably be practicing acrobatics.

#2 Staying awake

Staying awake has never been harder, even for those who suffer from sleeping sickness. You will fall asleep in traffic, in the middle of a conversation, and even while you wait for dessert.

#3 Getting out of bed

Trying to get out of bed during third trimester

Ever seen a tortoise turned over on its back? That will be you soon. If you can invent a bed crane for getting pregnant women out of bed, you’ll be an instant billionaire.

#4 Putting on shoes

putting on your shoes during the third trimester

Yeah, sure, you can easily bend over and tie your laces now, but it’s not so easy when your belly starts to grow and you have to navigate over a mountainous bump. If you don’t have anyone who can help you tie your laces, get comfortable wearing slippers.

#5 Being a foodie

You pride yourself on being a foodie, but let’s be honest. Between the morning sickness and the cravings and the aversion to strong smells, how are you supposed to enjoy any food?

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#6 Shaving

shaving during the third trimester

Even if you go to a fairground house of mirrors, you won’t be able to see beneath that bump. Almost no pregnant women can reach her ankles. Chances are, you’ll look like your wearing hairy ankle socks. Guess what? That’s okay!

#7 Walking past baby stores

This has nothing to do with your bump, but the closer your due date gets the harder it’ll be to resist at least window shopping for baby clothes.

#8 Getting out of the bathtub

The bathtub is a safe haven for pregnant women. It’s a place where you can soothe your aches and pains and secretly sob over how overwhelmed you feel. There is nothing better than a bubble bath after a long, exhausting day. You can feel all the troubles melt away as you sink into the water and relax.

At some point, though, the fun and relaxation ends. You will have to get out of the bathtub. Be very careful and expect a lot of huffing and puffing and wishing for another crane invention that would make you an instant billionaire.

#9 Long trips

going on long trips during the third trimester


The idea of being more than 2 seconds away from a bathroom during the third trimester scares pregnant women to death. Asking a pregnant women if they would like to go on a journey with you is simply mean. Don’t. Ask.

Even a long conversation is pushing it when you have 6 pounds of baby sitting on your bladder. Wanna have a long conversation with a pregnant woman? Find seats by a bathroom.

#10 Sex

pregnant sex during the third trimester


For some women, morning sickness is a lie. It’s more like all day sickness. During the first trimester, you’ll be doing your best to try not to vomit during sex. During the second trimester, it’s possible that your libido will increase and you’ll be having the best sex of your life…or not. During the third trimester, sex will be an indigestion causing, bump maneuvering, military style operation that will leave you with aching hips and a desperate need to pee.

#11 Walking down the street

people asking to touch your belly during the third trimester

The physical act of walking is fine, though you’ll be waddling more than walking. The problem is all the well meaning advice-givers and belly-touchers you will encounter. You will get lots of unsolicited advice on what to eat and how to raise your baby, not to mention a few horror stories about childbirth.

Smile politely, say you have to pee, and waddle away as fast as you can.

#12 Watching TV

Every time, regardless of whether it’s happy or sad, you will be watching the television sobbing over a commercial, or a documentary, or anything, really.

Not to mention that you can’t watch the news anymore because the world is so horrible and you’re terrified of bringing your baby into it!

Which everyday task do you find to be the hardest? Please share in the comments section.


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