15 bits of the worst parenting advice ever!

Who could love your kids more than their grandparents right?

Even the best of grandparents won’t think twice about ignoring your wishes. Several grandparents have lost their baby sitting rights due to some bizarre stunts on their grand-kids. Chances are you’ve been getting unsolicited advice on parenting since you started to show. Some advice is good, some bad, some is just plain horrible.

Ever been told to do something with your infant that made you cringe? Welcome to motherhood! here are  15 pieces of the worst advice ever given!

  1. You’ll spoil the baby by responding immediately to their cries
  2. Formula is healthier than breast milk
  3. Don’t kiss your baby on the face as you could infect them
  4. Leave the newborn outside naked so they get some fresh air
  5. Wipe from back to front as the body cleans itself
  6. Use huggies, not costco brand diapers
  7. Take the baby out of the car seat if she’s crying
  8. Dip the pacifier in honey so the baby likes it more.
  9. Put soap in your baby’s butt to help her poop
  10. Cake and cookies have eggs in them so they are healthy
  11. Car seats don’t expire, regardless of the expiration date on them.
  12. You will make your son gay if you paint his toenails
  13. Pour some bacon grease on the food of skinny babies
  14. The more awake your baby is during the day, the better they sleep at night
  15. If your baby bites during breastfeeding, bite back

If it’s any consolation, surveying the fads of past advice can give you some perspective on contemporary ones. There may never be a baby book that offers the conclusive answer to every question, but it’s possible to extract some wisdom from the suffering of past generations of parents.

Does any of the advice you’ve been given require you to override all your parental instincts, or send you into a panic over your own inadequacy? If so, ignore it!


See any thing familiar on this list? Would you like to share doozies you’ve been told, we’d love to read them.


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