21 Things You’ll Wish You Did While Pregnant

Your pregnancy will be over in a flash. It may not seem like it now, but before you know it, you’ll be driving your child around to Saturday sports, watching Toy Story 15 with them, then taking them for their first driving lesson. It will go quick, and the time when you are pregnant is really a free pass to do what you really want to do and enjoy it as much as possible.

Worrying, excess reading, cleaning and chores… they now can play second fiddle to what you need to do to relax, and enjoy these quiet times before that all changes for the next 21 or so years.

So here, are 21 things you can do (and will probably wish you did do if you don’t) before starting your new family.

#1. Spend a Day in Solitude

For you will not be alone again for a very, very long time. Soak in some healthy “me time”, it can be very therapeutic. Be sure to silence that phone for as long as you can too.

#2. Say “YES”

Have you ever seen the film “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey? Bring some of that into your life! If a friend comes up to you with tickets for a show that night, just say yes! Because once you have a child, forget spontaneous plans unless you have a babysitter on immediate call 24/7!

#3. Stay Out Late

Doing something fun, of course. Don’t worry about the clock and what you need to do the next day. Enjoy the nights while you can!

#4. Sleep In

After your big night out, have a big morning in. Get so much sleep that you are tired again!

#5. Disneyland!

Or any amusement park. Perhaps avoid any roller coasters or jolting rides, of course, but take a break and enjoy them, because in 8 years time or so, you will see them in a different, less pleasant, light.

#6. Sneak into a Movie

“Oh I’m so sorry! I’ve got pregnancy brain!”

Only now will you have the perfect excuse for getting away with something.

#7. Pick the Movie

Hubby wants to watch Fast and the Furious 11 or the latest shoot ’em up kung fu revenge cop flick? Take control and watch what you want!

#8. Handbag it Up

Soon, that Chanel bag will be replaced with a less than extravagant diaper bag. Enjoy your luxuries now.

#9. Take a Long Bath

Spend so much time in there that you start to develop gills.

Pregnant Bath
Source: givinglifeonline.com


#10. Stay in Bed

Once you’ve completed #4, get up, go to the bathroom, then get right back into bed and run your day from there. Breakfast, reading, tv in bed.

#11. Intentionally Walk Aimlessly 

Nowhere to go, no place to see. Just take a long, carefree walk.

#12. Binge TV

Now is the time to knockout a season a day of your favourite shows! At the moment with our little bub, we are lucky to get in one episode a week, and that has to be with low volume, subtitles, and chewing on chips slowly and quietly.

#13. Go out to Dinner

Another luxury you’ll forget how much you appreciated. Soon, going out to dinner will require the coordination and planning of NASA engineers.

#14. Spend an Hour on your Hair

Because you can.

#15. Make a Fancy Dinner

And get someone else to clean up.

#16. Be Selfish

“You’re hot and everyone else is cold? Sucks to be them. Don’t have any qualms about cranking up that A/C.” // www.babble.com

#17. Degustation

These will be the last days that you’ll have a spare several hours and several hundred dollars.

#18. Bar Hopping

You don’t need to drink to have a good time!

This is a win win. If you have a great time hitting the bars, then great! If you hate it and can’t wait to get home, you won’t miss it later when bars are not an option.

#19. Girly Weekend Away

“There’s nothing like it, and the more of you who start having kids, the more difficult it’ll be to plan.” // www.babble.com

#20. Read 

A book.

All the way through.

You’ll miss this uninterrupted time!

Pregnant Woman Reading
Source: babyclub.asda.com


#21. Take the Seat

When a dapper gent offers you a seat on the bus or train, put pride aside and take it. Trust me when I say he’ll love that you accepted his offer (or it could be a lady of course), and you should take the time to rest your legs as much as possible.


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