3 Steps to get your child to let go of old toys

As all parents know, children’s toys, trinkets and treasures can quickly take over your home.  As an adult, you know how to discern what you need and what has served its purpose and is ready for the trash or to be given away. For children, letting go is not as easy.  Their toys are usually their world so to speak.

Purge toys at least twice a year. Get rid of those they have outgrown, those missing pieces, those with too many pieces (that drive you crazy), the bad purchases and those toys that have been abandoned. Teaching your children to make decisions and let go of old toys is a good life-long lesson

So how do you get your child to let go of old toys, especially during the coming holidays without emotionally scarring them?

#1 Talk to them about growing up and space

Have your child’s toys taken over your home? Is it impossible to walk in your home without tripping over a toy truck or some other play thing that hasn’t been played with for ages?

Talk to your child about how growing up means letting go of toys they no longer play with so they can get toys that are more age appropriate.

#2 Move them temporarily

If your child is reluctant to give up their toys, give them a temporary home. For example in a box outside of the bedroom. Let you child decide which toys they are comfortable not having any more.

If your child doesn’t ask for the toy for more than a few weeks, (which will happen), you can then give them out or throw them

#3 Let your kids give them out or sell their toys

If your child is old enough, help them carry out a little toy sale in the backyard. After the sale, you can then take your child to the store and let them pick one new toy. One!

Alternatively, you could visit a children’s home and have them give their toys to the children there. Gestures such as these teach your children empathy and instill this value in them. Giving to charity is teaching your children that letting go is also giving to others.

  • Do not force your child to get rid of any items.

Children’s attachment to their toys is much deeper than parents understand. While you may see a ragged doll, your child sees a treasured friend. Reassure them that letting go and getting rid of stuff is not the end of the world, And remember, if your child had no toys they would use their imagination to create them!


How do you get your children to let go of old toys? 

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