5 Things You Need To Know About Baby Number Two…

Ready For Baby Number Two?

So, your little one is getting older and you’re thinking about going for baby number two? Each pregnancy and each child can be so different. Just because you now know what to expect from your first does not mean you can, or should, expect the same from your second.

That should not stop you from diving in with baby number two. Here are some things to consider…

1. Know That The Time Won’t Ever Be Perfect.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to have baby number two, don’t. There will be no perfect time and you may never feel completely ready. Let’s face it, baby number one is a lot of work. Can you handle another? It is nice to dream of your little one having a sibling and if you want to go for it, do! But, consider your family’s situation and if you can handle it. Just don’t put it off too long. You don’t want to regret not having a second child just because you couldn’t decide!

2. You Cannot Completely Prepare Your Older Child.

You can look at books together about being a sibling, talk to your child about what is coming, and involve him or her in everything from buying baby clothes to labor. But, just like you cannot be completely prepared, know that big sis or big brother will not be completely prepared, either. You all have to grow into this change together.

3. You Will Not Have As Much Self-Care Time.

It is easier to take care of yourself the first time around when you do not have another little one underfoot. Just keep this in mind as you consider the second. You will be pregnant, moving that massive belly around, with a toddler in tow. It’s not impossible by any means, but it can be more challenging.

4. Prepare For Freak-outs.

There will be times when you are taking care of your baby and experiencing a second pregnancy when you think, “What was I thinking doing this again?!” That is completely normal and even expected. You have a toddler on your hands, pregnancy side effects, and, yes, those raging hormones to blame. It’s ok.

5. The Pregnancy Will Not Be The Same.

We alluded to this one earlier, but just because you craved pickles with your first doesn’t mean you will with your second. A second pregnancy often comes with completely different cravings and even different symptoms. You may even start showing earlier with your second.

How do you know if you’re ready for baby number two?

Have any tips for parents considering going at it again for number two?


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