5 Ways to Handle Baby Anticipation

Baby Anticipation…The Waiting…And Waiting.

Waiting to welcome your precious new gift into the world, can make you feel excited but anxious. Especially as you near the end of your pregnancy when your body is getting uncomfortable and you just want to meet your baby! Here are some tips to help you cope…

Ways To Handle Baby Anticipation

baby anticipation1.Take a Babymoon

Take a vacation with your significant other before the baby comes. Enjoy the time and relax!

Plan a “babymoon” vacation by spending some quality time with your spouse or partner. Get away for the weekend or plan an elaborate vacation on a tropical island. The time away can help you forget about the daily concerns about the nursery or doctor’s appointments. ~GlobalPost

2.Focus On The Miracle

Try to focus on the miracle of life rather than the fears, frustrations, and wait.

For those of you who are expecting a baby, whether it’s your first or your fifth, can we all just take a minute and be giddy together about the MIRACLES we’re about to meet?! {Pause for squealing here.} ~Read More via Mommy’s Me Time

3.Read Stories And Poems

Poems and stories can be really encouraging while you are waiting. FamilyFriendPoems has a collection for you…

Baby Anticipation

 4.Listen To Music You Love

Listening to your favorite music is a great way to ease anticipatory anxiety. You may even get baby dancing. If you need to find some mood boosting jams, check this out:  5 Sites (Better Than Spotify) To Find Mood-Boosting Music

Listen to music to Handle Baby Anticipation

5.Switch Your Focus

Psychology Today recommends,

Change your attentional focus: Rather than focus on your heartbeat that is getting faster and faster, or doing something that is just going to go along with that (like surfing the net, sometimes), change your attention to something completely different. Have a comforting object nearby and touch it, or develop the habit of writing down and focusing on the one good thing for the day. You can also simply look at a brief video that comforts you (collect them in your online library).

It can be anything from some light house work to reading a book, but sometimes you just need to get your mind off the anticipation. You could even pick your favorite children’s book, sit in the nursery, and read it to the baby. Know that he or she will soon be there with you in your arms. Also, see Bonding With Your Baby Bump and When Do Babies Begin Learning.

The wait can be so difficult, but you will not have this time again, so attempt to enjoy it. Cheers to a happy pregnancy and happy, healthy baby!

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