7 Things you MUST do before baby arrives

Before Baby?

“Some of these things are things that I wish I told my pregnant self.” ~Serina

  1. Do all your reading now. If you have a novel or child development books you want to read, do it while you are pregnant. When the baby comes you will not have time. If you are afraid you will forget the childcare info, mark the best spots in the books to reference later.
  2. Travel. As long as you are safe to travel, travel as much as you can. It’s a great time because it will be harder to travel comfortably with a baby in tow. Travel can help you relax which is good for you and baby. Even if it is close by.
  3. Major Cleaning. The nesting instinct kicks in which is great. You will likely feel the need to tidy and get rid of excess clutter. This will make a safer space for baby and a calmer mind for you.
  4. Spend a lot of time with loved ones. Your family and friends, especially your single girlfriends that you will have less time with later. Spend as much time as you can with your parents as you can and learn from them.
  5. Pampering time. Indulge yourself in pampering to keep stress low and you plus baby feeling great! Massage, the spa, mani and pedi, foot massage, whatever you can fit in. You can pamper yourself at home too. Enlist your partner.
  6. Involve Your Partner. Not just in your pampering, but it’s important to involve your partner with all the stages of getting ready for baby. Include your partner in the entire process and talk about how you want to raise your child. Who will take care of baby while working, who will prepare the food, etc? Ask for support when needed.
  7. Make the most of it. This is a special time in your life. Enjoy every trimester and every doctor’s visit. Pregnancy is an amazing gift, so make the most of it!

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