9 Things to do before your baby arrives

There are a few things that every women should do before the due date arrives.

#1 Go with the flow

As you’ve figured out by now, your baby isn’t concerned about your schedule. If you’re hoping for a spring birth, don’t be too surprised when you give birth in October; just in time for winter. You are no longer in control so let things happen as they will.

#2 Get healthy

Swimming is a great form of exercise
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The first few weeks of your baby’s development are the most crucial. This is when 80% of organ development happens. If you did something unhealthy before you knew you were pregnant, don’t sweat what you can’t undo. Focus on cleaning up your act now.

#3 Call an OB

Your OB will want to see you in the first few weeks, around 8 weeks to be exact, to establish viability. This is your chance to ask questions like sex and due dates.


#4 Get organized

Make a checklist of the things you"ll need
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By the end of your pregnancy, you’ll be too exhausted to haul boxes into the attic so you can make room for the crib. Use your nesting instincts to put things away and organize now, while you still can. After your baby is born, there won’t be any time for organizing between baths, feeding times nap-times and play times.

#5 Eat and sleep

Exhaustion is a symptom of early pregnancy, sleep as much as you can while you can. Later on you may be unable to sleep due to discomfort and even later it may be due to a hiccoughing baby trying to open a new porthole with screams.

Morning sickness and cravings are also very real; despite the  name, morning sickness lasts all day. In the case of cravings, unless you are craving non food items such as soap and rocks, eat whatever you need to.

#6 Consider childcare

Unless you are a stay at home mom and need no help, the best time to start looking for help is now.

“If your family lives in an area where there is high demand for infant care and few providers, begin the search as soon as you learn you’re expecting,” says JoAnn Johnson, vice president of corporate operations for Learning Care Group. But in other areas, she says, it makes more sense to seek childcare a couple of months before you need it. If you’re hoping a family member will swoop in to provide help, start those discussions early.

#7 Tell your boss

For many women, this is the most nerve-racking task of pregnancy.

You will have to tell your boss at some point
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Seraphim Carlson, of San Francisco, remembers being terrified about revealing her pregnancy to her new boss, but in hindsight she didn’t need to worry. “She was a mom herself who was thrilled to hear I was pregnant,” Carlson says. “Luckily, that’s been the response of pretty much everyone I’ve ever had to work with.”

No matter how uncomfortable you are with sharing your news, people will eventually start to notice your growing belly.

#8 Buy new clothes

Most women do not need maternity clothes until after their second trimester.

#9 Go on a date

You and your honey will go out again, of course, once the baby comes, but it will be different: Some piece of you will be emotionally tethered to that little person waiting at home, wondering whether he or she is crying, missing you, licking the dog, etc. So set aside some time for the two of you before you become three.

Do you have any other tips on what to do before you’re due? Share them with us below.


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