9 Things to Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

You found out you’re pregnant, congrats!

Chelsea of Life with My Littles says,

The second you find out you are pregnant, a lot of things can run through your mind.

“We are going to be parents!”
“Oh my gosh, we are going to be parents!”
“We are going to have a CHILD.”
“I am going to get so huge.”
“It’s going to cost so much money.”
“I’ve never diapered a baby before.”
“But we are going to be parents!”
“What in the world do we do now???”

But, don’t panic. We’ve collected a list of the First 9 Things You Should Do. And, Chelsea has number one…

1.Don’t tell people until you have passed the first trimester.

I think  family is okay to tell, but it can be smart not to tell the whole world until after the first trimester is over. I know it can be incredibly hard not to tell your friends as soon as you find out you are pregnant, but try not to post it to Facebook just yet. One of my biggest fears is having to go back and tell people that something has happened and you have had a miscarriage. The baby is most vulnerable during the first 12 weeks you are pregnant, and after the first trimester, the chance of a miscarriage drops dramatically (down to 10% of all known pregnancies). So just to be safe, try your hardest to wait until you are 13 weeks pregnant before you spread the glorious news. If you want to read more about why I think you should wait, you can read this post about why I wait until the second trimester to tell people I’m pregnant.

2.Book an appointment with your doctor. 

While many women see their GP to confirm their pregnancy, doctors would actually like to see you before you even fall pregnant. That way, they can advise on any pre-pregnancy changes to your lifestyle, and help reduce the chance of neural tube defects such as spina bifida, by advising on folic acid supplementation. “It’s vital for all women to take daily supplements of folic acid before trying to conceive as well as for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy,” confirms Dr Miriam Stoppard, author ofConception, Pregnancy & Birth  (Penguin).

When it comes to which doctor to choose, many Australian practices have a GP who specialises in ‘shared care’, meaning you just see your GP as usual for many of your pregnancy check-ups, rather than attending a maternity clinic or hospital. ~Joanna Bounds, KidSpot

3.Abstain From Alcohol

Drinking too much can cause permanent harm to your baby. It can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome, a condition that hinders mental and physical development. “What you need to worry about is the cumulative amount of alcohol you drink during pregnancy,” says Afriyie-Gray. So the glass or two of wine you sipped before you realized that you were pregnant isn’t dangerous, she says, as long as you lay off the Shiraz from now on.

But whether you can sip the occasional cocktail for the next nine months is up for debate: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there’s no safe amount of alcohol to drink during pregnancy. Some experts disagree, saying that a small glass once in a while is fine; consult your doctor to determine what’s best for you. ~Sharon Liao, FitPregnancy 

4.Consider a Prenatal Vitamin with Folic Acid 

Folic acid is an important dietary supplement for expectant mothers. It can help guard against certain birth defects such as spina bifida and other spinal cord abnormalities. Ideally you should start taking folic acid before you become pregnant, but, of course, pregnancies are not always planned. You should start taking the supplement as soon as you have discussed your pregnancy with your medical practitioner. It is never too early to start making healthy choices for both you and you baby. ~NewKidCenter

5.Re-evaluate Your Medications

If you’re on prescription or over-the-counter medications prior to getting pregnant, it might be important to call your doctor and check to make sure that they’re safe to continue during pregnancy.  Some you may have to stop immediately, some may have to be weaned off and some might be perfectly safe. ~CoffeeAndWineMom

6.Get More Rest

It is common to feel tired or even exhausted during the first trimester. This is because your body is getting used to rapidly changing hormone levels. Get as much rest as you can, although this can be hard if you’re working.

Try to get to bed early at least one night a week. Even if you can’t sleep until much later, relaxing with a book or soft music will help you to unwind. Turn off your phone and forget about work. Once your baby arrives, sleep will be so precious. So enjoy it while you can. ~BabyCentre

7.Follow Your Baby’s Development

Parents.com has you covered,

Let our pregnancy week by week calendar guide you through the various stages of pregnancy right up until birth. We take you from the exciting time you first discover you’re pregnant, through the uncomfortable stages of morning sickness. We’ll help you pick a baby name, decorate your nursery, pack your hospital bag, and even prepare you for the pinnacle moment — the birth of your new baby! Find your week of pregnancy or get started with Week 1.

8.Go Shopping

BabyCenter has your shopping lists by Trimester,

Congratulations – you’re having a baby! Our handy first-trimester shopping checklist will help you figure out what to buy during these early weeks. And don’t forget to move on to our second-trimester and third-trimester shopping checklists when it’s time. (First Trimester List Here)

9.Prepare Your Work for Maternity Leave

…based on workplace policies, team structure, and/or your responsibilities at your job, when you tell the news to your work is to your discretion.  In my personal situation, I was able to tell everyone once I passed the first trimester mark.  The Department of Labor has helpful information on Maternity Leave Rights (here) and your company’s HR department will provide all the maternity leave information for your specific situation. ~Renegade Chicks

And your bonus…

Enjoy the Journey

There will be many ups and downs. Try to relax and embrace the experience.

We often hear the lamenting of pregnant ladies and their spouses proclaiming the terrible side (aka “the dark days”) of pregnancy. Yes, I full-heartedly agree that there are elements of pregnancy that can really blow. Like feet that swell to the size of hot air balloons, but you can’t deny the incredible magic of the miracle that is growing inside of you getting ready for his or her big debut. Call me the eternal optimist, but there’s bliss hiding just below that pregnancy heartburn! Here are the reasons why I love being pregnant…Read More From Momtastic: 10 Reasons Why I Love Being Pregnant

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