Tips for Announcing Your Pregnancy at Work

Finding out you are pregnant may be wonderful news for you and your family, but how your boss reacts depends on how and when you announce your pregnancy at work.

Whether you can’t wait to spill the beans or the thought of it brings nervous butterflies to your growing tummy,we are here to help! Here are some things to consider before announcing your pregnancy at work:

Tips for Announcing Your Pregnancy at Work

When to Announce

Though you may be excited to tell the good news, avoid telling your boss while they are busy or distracted. Make time to sit down and speak with them face to face in a private space. Treating the announcement with this care signifies to your boss that they need to help you be the best mother and employee you can be.

Waiting until the beginning of the second trimester to announce is ideal because by then the possibility of miscarriage is greatly reduced. Twin pregnancies may have a longer risk period, speak with your doctor if you are having twins. They may be able to help you determine good timing as well as offering additional support.

Another benefit to delaying the announcement is an increased likelihood of a promotion or raise.

Try to wait until any evaluations are over. Though there may be laws protecting your rights, it can be hard to prove an employer’s motive when regarding pregnancy. It will make your life so much easier to avoid roadblocks by knowing the laws before any potential conflicts arise.

This is especially important for second pregnancies, as employers may think it will be difficult for you to maintain your workload with two children (even though we know being mom means being superwoman!).

In some situations, it may be better to speak up sooner. Take into consideration, nausea, fatigue, and/or a baby bump.

Determining any workplace hazards that may be dangerous during pregnancy is also an important process. Even simple cleaning chemicals may be harmful, along with more apparent hazards like physical dangers.

If you work in a hospital, consider the risk of getting sick. Do you experience a high amount of stress at work? Finding creative solutions beforehand helps everyone be confident through these big changes.

Try not to let your excitement or nervousness about the announcement get the best of you. Keep calm and remember that this is an exciting, joyous event!

How to tell your boss you are pregnant

First, determine how family-friendly the company is. Go through your employee handbook’s section on maternity leave and pregnancy procedures and benefits.

Your company may require a doctor’s note. This is something you can bring with you when telling your boss. If you have any questions that the manual doesn’t cover or need more information, see if your company has a human resources department and speak with them. Make sure you know if discretion is required by your HR department so that word doesn’t get out before intended.

Also, research your state’s laws and know your rights. There are usually laws protecting pregnant women from discrimination.

However, companies often find loopholes. If you think your employer will try to act unjustly towards you, or you just need help learning the laws, your local courthouse should have a family law attorney you can speak with for free.

Understand whether or not your company is required to provide accommodation for you to perform your job as well as what benefits you are entitled to. Remember, creativity is not just for the little ones. Show your boss that pregnancy brain hasn’t gotten the best of you by coming up with creative solutions to any accommodations you need. 

If you are nervous about how to tell your boss you are pregnant, write out the exact words you want to use. Make a script and practice reciting it to friends or family. If you still have trouble, consider simply sending them an email.


It is best to be firm in what you want and need while remaining respectful, congenial, and reasonable. Know your own limits, be aware of what you are/aren’t willing to sacrifice for your job. 

Having your expectations set firmly in your mind beforehand will ensure you don’t say anything you don’t mean. We all know there’s nothing worse than saying something you wish you could take back. With hormones raging in the first trimester, us mothers know we can’t let them get the best of us. Knowing what you need and can offer will give you confidence.

If there are any workplace hazards that require you to change responsibilities, know how you are going to address that with your boss. Easing your boss’s stress will, in turn, ease your stress, so brainstorm ways to ease your workload while you are away.

This will keep your boss from feeling frantic, which means they will react much better knowing that you are keeping your workplace needs in mind.

Right before you tell your boss you are pregnant, take a few deep breaths. Know that you have prepared well and are in control of the situation. Consider asking your boss to lunch if you are on friendly terms.

How to announce your pregnancy to a new employer

Deciding whether or not to disclose a pregnancy at a job interview or right after you’ve started a job can be a tough decision. At a job interview, it may be best to wait until you have been offered the job, then disclose your status right after accepting.

This makes it difficult for them to revoke their offer, while remaining honest with them. Let them know how much time you plan on needing off while pregnant and after the baby comes.

Finding out you are pregnant after starting a new job can feel like a slippery slope. Deciding how and when to tell your boss in this situation requires great attention to their disposition on family matters. If you feel they would be upset and possibly terminate you, it is probably best to wait as long as possible.

If you have a more open relationship with your boss, disclosing sooner rather than later will help instill trust. Knowing whether or not your boss has kids and how they interact with them may be helpful in deducing their family friendliness.

How to tell your coworkers you are pregnant

Telling your coworkers you are pregnant is usually a little more fun than telling your boss. However, keep in mind the fact that your absence may assign them a larger workload.

If you have close friends that you work with, telling everyone at once (and not telling them first) may hurt their feelings. Assuming you keep trustworthy friends, consider telling them first. Here are some fun ideas to let everyone know:

How to tell your coworkers you are pregnant
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  • Decorated cookies. Make or buy a few different kinds to suit everyone’s tastes. You can make them into little feet, or baby shaped and decorate them with things like, “its a boy/girl”, “cravings”, “mommy to be”, “from baby ___”, “showers” “the stork came” , “pregnant”, etc.
  • A cute way to announce a second pregnancy is to take a picture of your first child holding a sign saying “I’m being promoted to big brother/sister.” You can get the picture printed onto a cake or cookies.
  • The “two peas in a pod” idea is great for twin pregnancies. To put a little spin on it, you could give out little “party favors” to your coworkers containing a pea pod with two peas. Put them in a small cup filled with “dirt” dip made of olives, black beans, or any other dark food you can make dip out of. Buy or make garden markers and write the announcement on them and stick them in the “dirt.”
  • Depending on how far along you are, you can hand out “party favor snacks” that represent how big the fetus is; peanut, blueberry, strawberry, etc. Put them in tiny boxes or cups with the announcement written. Another cute snack idea is a tiny “bun in the oven.”
  • If you’re looking for a cheap and easy announcement, you can use balloons.
  • For a more subtle announcement, put a picture of an ultrasound on your desk, or simply tell a few of the office “gossips.” 

How to announce wife’s pregnancy at work

How to announce wife's pregnancy at work
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When announcing your wife’s pregnancy at work, or anywhere for that matter, remember; guys freak out, they just don’t usually talk about it. Just remember, as long as moms happy, everyone else is happy. Do not tell anyone until you have spoken with your wife about it.

You can help each other determine the best timing for each of you to announce. Though she may need to divulge the information early on at her work, you have the opportunity not to.

Since you don’t have to worry about showing or morning sickness, you can delay the announcement if you decide it is best to.You may, however, need to take time off for doctor’s appointments, to help your wife, and to be home after the baby is born.

Find out if your company offers any benefits for your family. Help your wife make announcing a special, exciting event by being supportive, helpful, and informative.

All in all, use your intuition. You know what is best for you and your family. Try not to stress too much about it, and good luck!


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