The Ultimate Baby Prepping List for Dads

Ok Dads, this one’s for you!

Though you can never completely prepare yourself for fatherhood, sorry no magic formulas here, there are some things that can help. Check out this list of advice and areas to plan ahead and then you can focus your attention on that precious bundle when he or she arrives…

Read Some Books

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Sure there is no parenting manual per se, but there are some good reads that can ease the transition into parenthood. You can start with Father to Be by Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash,

For a thoroughly modern dad-to-be, The Expectant Father presents a wealth of information on pregnancy and life after baby, including tips for those considering becoming stay-at-home fathers. Throughout the month-by-month chapters Brott and Ash are dedicated to helping the expectant dad figure out his role and understand how all the impending changes will affect him–all while supporting his partner, of course. Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by the pregnancy? Start a journal in your free time, they suggest. Topics such as encouraging mom-to-be through pregnancy and labor, monitoring her diet (with a few recipes included, should you be so inclined to cook for her), finances, adoptions, choosing baby names, and juggling work and family are peppered with New Yorker-style cartoons to keep the book from feeling too text-heavy. ~Parents

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Hard to do, but worth it. Work with mom on a budget that you can both agree on. If mom is spending money you don’t have on baby clothes, a budget in black and white may be your best line of fiscal defense.

Unfortunately, financial worries are an inescapable fact for most fathers. Talking with your partner about your concerns and mapping out a plan to stretch the dollars is best done before the baby comes. It’s very difficult to find the time, energy and emotional focus afterward. ~Dads Adventure

Hospital Registration

Make sure that everything that can be filled out ahead of time is. Check on any limitations or out-of-pocket costs for your health insurance. You can also check on your baby’s social security number application (called Enumeration at Birth for some bizarre reason). Some men report that this is when they really knew they were fathers. ~Dads Adventure

Be There for Mom-To-Be

Pitch in. She’s not only dog-tired these days, she’s emotionally vulnerable too. So go the extra mile — pitch in more than you usually do with household chores, especially since her bump is not her best friend when she’s trying to sweep the floors or make the bed. And think about other ways to lighten her load (and blow her mind with your superhero-like foresight): Maybe whip up a double batch of chili and stash half in the freezer to enjoy later on so she can nap or just put her feet up. If you can plunk down the extra cash, look into hiring a housekeeper now through the first few months after baby comes. And by all means, don’t forget she’s a woman: Tell her she looks good when she leaves in the morning, give her tummy an affectionate pat when she walks by or offer a shoulder massage or foot-rub — you’ll always get brownie points for that. ~WhatToExpect

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Pre-Baby Stock Up

Do a stock up shopping trip. Consider everything you may need in the first month postpartum – toiletries, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, non-perishable foods, etc. Buy it NOW and save yourself the extra errands when you’re sleep deprived and have a new baby in tow. Don’t forget newborn diapers, wipes, breastpads & sanitary pads and Depends. (Yes, Depends. Throw it in the cart, no one will notice.) Also get some healthy snacks for postpartum – yogurt, granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, cheese sticks, etc. Be sure to do a produce trip the week you’re due. ~BetterBirthDoula

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There’s no doubt that preparing for baby is overwhelming. From purchasing the furniture to deciding disposable over cloth diapers, there are so many choices and discussions to have. A lot of attention is placed on the mommy-to-be and oftentimes we forgot there are two people about to undergo a big change. My husband was my rock during our pregnancy, and I asked him for a few tips to pass on to all the daddies-to-be out there!

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