Bed Rest Blues? Here Are Some Tips!

We all hope for an easy pregnancy with as few complications as possible, but sometimes our plans get disrupted and Mom hears two words that throw everything up in the air– bed rest. Thankfully, there’s plenty you cannot do to make your rest time easier. offers some great tips for moms on bed rest during pregnancy. They cover everything from items to help make you more comfortable, to ways to bond with other children and hubby while you’re stuck resting.

Bedrest has always been important to new mothers.
Bedrest has always been important to new mothers.

The list recommends tips for staying hydrated, such as large cups for water, bottles for refilling, and straws for sipping. It also suggests common items like lip balm and tissues to keep at your bedside. These items can help minimize getting up for more water and help keep you resting.

Thanks to technology there are now plenty of ways to stay entertained without lifting a finger, but don’t forget about books, card or board games, or writing in a journal to help cut down on screen time and keep you connected to the real world.

Dad and other kids may have a hard time adjusting to mom’s new resting schedule, but there are plenty of ways to make the transition easier. Planning movie nights, playing family games, or reading together can be relaxing for the whole family. Bed rest gives great opportunities for extra cuddles, too.

Bed rest can be a challenge, but remembering to thank those who are helping out, as well as remind yourself that you’re being good to your baby can help ease the stress. Bed rest isn’t selfish, it’s what baby needs to stay healthy and happy!

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