New Parents Talk Before And After Pregnancy

Johnson’s Baby YouTube Channel teamed up with new parents to talk before and after baby. All different stories and experiences. All full of love. Tune in to see how the new parents are loving life with baby…

Before and After Pregnancy: Marinell 

As a military couple, Marinell and Mario have been on the move for years. Because single parenting concerned Marinell while Mario was deployed, the couple decided it was best to be settled down before raising a baby.

Soon after Mario was placed on non-deployable status, Mylez was born…

Warning- These will bring tears to your eyes!

Before and After Pregnancy: Amanda

Amanda explains the range of emotions she feels as a first time mom after giving birth to her daughter Aliya Lynn. Life after pregnancy is now all about Aliya Lynn, who’s always laughing, smiling, and brightening her parents’ day. But it’s important to remember to never lose sight of your dreams as a mother, and it’s Amanda’s dream to dance; she’s learning to juggle her dreams along with her newfound motherhood.

Before and After Pregnancy: Amy

Between changing diapers and trying to get baby to sleep, they discover that being a parent almost never goes as planned. Even the most knowledgeable couples can struggle at times as new parents!

Before and After Pregnancy: Vanessa

The bond between a mother and baby is always special, but it was especially true for Vanessa. When she was faced with the challenge of single parenting she knew it would take a lot of strength.

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