Would You Buy A Sculpture of Your Fetus?

The technology that we have now to see the baby in the womb is remarkable! Not only do we have 3D ultrasounds, but 4D is becoming more common to see the finer details of your baby. But, did you know that there is a company that will create a sculpture from your ultrasound?

3D Babies does exactly that…

At 3D Babies, we create an adorable baby sculpture resembling your baby’s facial features and body position.  Through doctoral studies in Bioengineering, we understand what technology can do to make our lives better.  As parents, we know how to feel love for a developing child.  Using technology, we capture a parent’s loving feelings and excitement about the birth.  We want all parents to feel the joy that we and our customers experience and prolong it, using this combination of science and emotion.

We use your 3D/4D ultrasound images or newborn baby pictures to create a unique artistic representation of your baby using the latest computer graphics and 3D printing technology.  For best results, you can schedule your 3D ultrasound during gestation weeks 23-32.  This is a great way to share the excitement of your new baby with family and friends.  Your 3D Baby will be a treasured family remembrance of your pregnancy and new baby.

Apparently, you can get a customized sculpture created and choose a position then display in your home.

You mail in your ultrasound, your baby sculpture gets created and shipped to you.

3D Babies

This is all new to me, so I’m curious…has anyone done this? Is this legit?

Would you have your baby sculpted?


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