How to Connect With Baby in the Womb in 5 Easy Steps

You’re pregnant, excited, and wondering how to connect with baby in the womb, right?

Your baby isn’t even born yet! How do you connect with baby in the womb? How do you talk to a being who doesn’t talk back? How do you sing to baby when you don’t even know if she’s listening? You can only rub your tummy so many times in a day, and if you’re keeping baby a secret for now you may not even want to!

While you’re eagerly awaiting the time you can hold her in your arms, bonding with your baby bump tells your child you’re already holding her in your heart. Hopefully, the following tips will make it easier for you to connect with baby in the womb.

1. Give baby a nickname

According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, parents and children giving each other nicknames is “just a human way of expressing love.” (source)

Express your love from the very beginning by giving baby a sweet, positive nickname you can use with her and only her. Just like when we give pet names to our sweethearts, nicknames help create, establish, and strengthen loving bonds.

2. Use your imagination

While you may not want to start imagining baby’s face or gender just yet, imagining a tiny being growing inside you can help you connect with baby in the womb.

Try imagining baby as a ball of light, or imagine your belly or uterus as a large orb of light with a little silhouette of baby curled up inside. You can make the light any color you choose, or change it day by day. Either way, it’ll give you something to focus your love and attention on.

3. Create a daily ritual

Whether it be journaling, writing daily love letters to your unborn child, or crossing off the days on the calendar as you get closer to your due date, incorporate your little one into your daily life.

Already? Yes, already! Here’s a few more fun suggestions:

  • Stock up on a whole bunch of baby socks of different colors (which you’ll probably end up donating later) and pick out a pair each morning as you get dressed. It’s like playing make-believe that you’re dressing baby as well!
  • Buy a roll of string and cut off just enough to tie around your belly. Tie it like you do shoelaces so you can untie it easily. Put it on in the morning and take it off at night. As you do this, imagine yourself wrapping baby in love every morning and wishing baby sweet dreams at night. Periodically, you’ll have to cut a new length of string as your baby bump grows. Feel free to keep the lengths of string for your baby book.
  • Buy a charm bracelet and add charms that remind you of your little bundle of joy. Each time you feel the charms dangle, check in with your belly and quietly say hello to your little one (use her nickname!). You can even buy a new charm for every month of pregnancy to make it a little more fun!

4. Try Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing classes help you prepare for birth through special breathing and deep relaxation techniques. They also use visualization, meditation, nutrition, and body toning.

Through these classes you’ll learn to focus more effectively on your body and your baby. Being more aware of baby means you’ll be able to connect with her more easily!

5. Use guided meditation

The benefits of meditation, even guided meditation (during which someone is speaking and guiding your thoughts through the meditation), have been well-documented. Use this tool to ease your mind, relax, and bond with your unborn baby.

Indigo Birth has a wonderful video called “Connect With Your Baby.” Part guided meditation, part affirmations, it’s easy, relaxing, and uplifting.

Most of all, have fun! Enjoy reaching out to your baby! Get creative and you can think of even more ways to connect with baby in the womb.

Go Mom!


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