Dad’s Guide for that Final Month of Pregnancy

Dad to be?

No more childbirth classes.

No more baby clothes shopping.

The nursery is set.

Now we wait. But while we wait, here are some things to do this final month, to make sure everything is as smooth sailing as it can be!

MONTH 9 | What to do?

Car Seat

Car Seat Dad

Firstly dad, make sure you’ve already got one ready to do! If you don’t, hop to it. Then practice taking it in and out a few times (if using a capsule) to get the hang of it. You’ll want to become quite seasoned at this before doing the movements on your real live baby.

Also for safety reasons, make sure you know your car seat back to front, and that it has been fitted correctly. Perhaps, even read the instructions!

Seat Down

Fella’s, make sure you put the toilet seat down, now more than ever. Your lady will be using the bathroom more than ever in this final month, with baby pressing down hard on her bladder. This is especially true at night, also making sure there is a well lit path to the bathroom with no obstacles for her to traverse.

Safety First

Baby Proofing

Go through your nursery and do a safety check. Is the change table up to par with a guardrail or strap. Are there any trip hazards. Plan what you’ll need to do in a few months when baby is crawling, that is, baby proofing. Also, look above. Is there anything that could fall, and will that be anywhere near baby? If so, secure it.

Sock Up

Now will be your last chance for a quick trip to the store. So it’s a perfect time to fill up on everything you’ll need, and some extra supplies for down the track. We’re talking food, paper towels, microwave meals, nappies, toothpaste and more.

Also, check your supply of memory cards, film, batteries and all that jazz. Make sure your phone has space on it to snap photos, organise your computer and test your video camera.

People List

Have your list on hand of everyone you need to notify when labor has commenced, and when baby is born. Who needs to know instantly, and who can you tell in a few days. This will take the stress out of thinking who you need to tell when it’s all a mad rush and you’re on 45 minutes of sleep.


Couple Dating

Finally, this will be your last chance for a very long time, to just be a couple together (if this is your first). Take her out on a date, just the two of you, and enjoy the temporary peace and serenity of each others company.

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