Dad’s Top 5 Must-Do’s After Baby Is Born

Believe me, the time immediately after the birth of your child will go by in the snap of a finger and be a total blur. So it pays to be prepared, to make sure you’re ready for what’s to come, and so you don’t miss out on any special moments that you’ll want to remember forever.

So here are the top five tips for what to do in the moments after your new bub is born!

1. Give your partner a big hug and a kiss

“Whatever labour has been like for your partner, the moment of birth is special and often highly emotional. Tell her how fantastic she is. A kiss and a cuddle can speak volumes if you’re rendered speechless!” – BabyCenter.Com.Au

2. Keep an eye on your baby at all times

You’ll be in a better position than your wife when your newborn is born, to see things such as the checks and care that your doctor performs. Try and make mental notes of anything important, as your partner may ask you about it in the coming days or weeks!

3. Recording

Whether it be film or photos, chances are you’re going to want to visually document this moment. So be prepared with a camera or camera phone, and make sure you get permission from your wife to start recording the early moments in your newborn’s life!

4. Cuddles

“Once your partner has had a cuddle, you’re likely to be next, particularly if your partner is having stitches or has had a caesarean.”- BabyCenter.Com.Au

5. Revealing

Once you get permission from the midwife to use your mobile phone, you may want to start telling the world (starting with your loved ones, of course) of your new arrival! Whether it be messages or calls, prepare what to say and don’t miss out any of the crucial details people are bound to ask you!

Father Watching His Infant Sleep

Source: Baby Center AU

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