8 Unexpected Differences Between Your First and Second Pregnancy

There is a monumental difference between your first and second pregnancy; things you would never expect!

The first noticeable difference is your ability to relax those anxious bones about every little thing being perfect. Most first-time mamas are stressed out, extremely picky, and researching every little thing possible. Talk about stress! By the time you’re on to your second pregnancy, the number of things to stress about is drastically reduced.

I took a poll and here are some fun differences between most women’s first and second pregnancies:

1. Hot Dogs, Deli Meats, & Soft Cheeses
First Pregnancy: “Get those bacteria-infested foods away from me! I will not consume said food for the duration of the next 9 months. Ain’t no way.”
Second Pregnancy: “Hit me up and add some ketchup and mustard! How about a little cheese too? A little bit here and there in moderation never killed anyone.”

2. Bumpies
First Pregnancy: Every single week, on the turn of your week, you take a bumpie (pregnant women don’t take selfies, right?) and you know exactly how your little baby compares to produce.
Second Pregnancy: You somehow make it to the third trimester and realize you haven’t snapped a single bumpie on purpose.

3. Education
First Pregnancy: You have the latest and most popular books on your nightstand, in your purse, and on the counter. You will know all things about pregnancy.
Second Pregnancy: Books? What books? I read books last time?

4. Toddler Care
First Pregnancy: “It’s just me and my husband with no plans on a Friday night. Of course, I can babysit for you!”
Second Pregnancy: “My son just jumped off the changing table while I fell asleep folding clothes. How’s your weekend?”

5. Naps
First Pregnancy: You get a daily nap in, if not 3, and feel rested and ready to nest.
Second Pregnancy: “Naps? I am chasing around my 2-year-old, making sure she isn’t escaping the house. I am fatigued.”

6. Exercise
First Pregnancy: You walk or jog and stretch every day. You are a part of a prenatal yoga class. You are in tip-top shape.
Second Pregnancy: “Does, chasing my 2-year-old count as exercise?”

first pregnancy vs second pregnancy

7. Baby Clothes/Nursery
First Pregnancy: Everything must be new. Brand new and shiny.
Second Pregnancy: You are all about those hand-me-downs!

8. Maternity Photos
First Pregnancy: You buy the flowy dresses and schedule the photo shoot in advance with the best photographer. You are absolutely documenting this very special time!
Second Pregnancy: Whoops! Here’s my iPhone. Will you snap a photo of us?

Do you have any differences to add? Please share in the Comments!


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