Embrace Your Pregnancy: THIS SUCKS! vs. BEST THING EVER!

Pregnancy is one of those experiences women seem to either love or hate.

Women go back and forth between “this sucks” and “this is the best thing ever!” How do you embrace your pregnancy as your own experience, knowing it is okay to not enjoy the uncomfortable parts but also find joy in the beauty of it?

What if you hate the entire experience? Is that okay?

What if you love everything about pregnancy? Is that even possible?

I happen to be one of those weird women who absolutely loves being pregnant. Aside from the fear of losing yet another baby during pregnancy, I view pregnancy as one of the best parts of life and as a joy journey. Even despite the incessant side effects like nausea, sore body, and being downright exhausted, I love it.

Most of the women I know, however, hate pregnancy. How do you embrace your pregnancy when you hate it?

Having your body swell with life tends to give others some sort of approval and permission to give you advice, tell you to enjoy the journey, and ask you when you are due. But what if you aren’t enjoying the journey? Does that make you a horrible mom? The answer is simple: no.

Some women fall pregnant unexpectedly and it takes the entire 9 months (plus some, sometimes) to get used to the idea of a little human entering their life. That is okay. You will grow into your own sense of being a mother and that will be part of your journey.

Some women plan to conceive and are abruptly caught off guard with the worst nausea and vomiting they will ever experience, making it rather impossible to enjoy the baby growing inside. They ache and yearn for the day they are no longer pregnant. We are here to tell you: you are allowed to feel what you feel!

Then there are yet others who become pregnant, whether planned or unplanned and absolutely love it. They love being pregnant, despite the side effects, and they feel like the “odd man out.” Their friends are constantly giving them room to complain about pregnancy, but not an ounce of them has a desire to. Is this a possible experience? It is indeed, and you have permission to enjoy your experience as much as you desire and to tell your friends: “I actually very much enjoy this.”

Embrace your pregnancy!

Whatever your experience is during pregnancy, whether you hate it or love it, you are allowed to do just that: experience it. People will constantly give you advice and tell you how to be pregnant (enjoy the journey! eat this! try that!), but when it comes down to it, the reality is you have permission, to be honest with your experience and go with the flow of your own journey. Because it is just that–your journey.

Go mama! We support you!


Featured image source: www.dylandsara.com

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