Saving the Day As a Mom of Two, Brought to you By Luvs

Having two kids is definitely a different experience just one in so many rewarding ways. My daughter, who is going to be two soon, is already playing big sister. She helps me grab a diaper when I need one, and has grown to be a little less fussy and a little more empathetic when her little baby brother is crying. It’s impressive to see how another kid in the house has positively impacted her.

Having a Second Child

I view everything I did as a first-time mom as necessary to do again this time around. With my first, my primary goal was to shower her with love, care, and support while she grew and learned. However, as a first-time mom, I was obsessed with “doing everything right.”  I’d be so hard on myself because caring for a baby was new to me. I constantly questioned myself. I kept on asking myself if I’m doing a good job.

Every time my baby would cry, I felt like I wasn’t meeting her needs. I realized with my second child that my babies are just communicating with me, and it’s my job to help them through whatever it is they are feeling and work on figuring out what they need, no pressure involved.

Getting Things Done!

When it comes to getting things done, I thought running an errand with one baby was hard enough. When baby number two came along, I had to strategize a way to run errands before either kid gets restless. Some days I would have to stop what I’m doing and leave the store, but I quickly learned that it was okay if I wasn’t able to get anything done. You really have to leave the stress behind and take it one day at a time.

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Preparing for the next baby has its challenges. With my first, I wish I had known the importance of saving money at any opportunity. With two children in the picture, our cost of everything has increased, which was to be expected. But I now take advantage of sales and coupons every chance I get.

With two babies in diapers I started using Luvs. They have a ton of saving opportunities that are hard to pass up, and are the most affordable diaper brands on the market.


  • Luvs Ultra Diapers hold up to your wiggly one’s adventures—locking away wetness (even overnight) and keeping tender skin dry
  • Luvs offer quality leak protection for less
  • Nightlock™ means ultra-absorbent with large, refastenable tabs
  • Leakguard Core helps keep baby’s skin dry
  • Leak barrier and leg gathers help keep leaks in diaper where they belong

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Busy moms can save their day by ordering Luvs online from for free, to-your-doorstep delivery, and create a Luvs subscription for a huge time savings! Also, if you shop at or use the Sam’s Club app, for a limited time you’re eligible to receive an additional $3 off and free shipping when you buy any Luvs diapers. You can be spending as little as $.11 each week for a five-week supply.

  • Go to the Luvs product page and order your diapers for delivery straight to your door.
  • Click “Save Time With Subscriptions” and select a frequency for delivery at checkout, and you’ll soon find your favorite Luvs diapers arriving on your doorstep just in time.
  • Download the Sam’s Club mobile app: Apple, Android

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Overall, if you’re preparing for life with multiples or just recently had your second child, just remember that things will change, but always for the better. Acceptance of this change will lead you to master mom life with multiples. If you thought you were supermom now, you have no idea what’s in store. But at the same time, it’s incredibly rewarding because you get twice the kisses, hugs and love, and that’s the greatest gift of all for every mom.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PG. The opinions and text are all mine.

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