How to Survive Work in Your Third Trimester

It’s a wonder you can do anything let alone go to work during the last trimester of your pregnancy.

The doctor says you’re 34 weeks pregnant. Your body says you’re 74 weeks pregnant. Every day brings a new surprise, usually in the form of some strange pain or ailment you’ve never heard of, but apparently it’s okay because it’s just hormones. Regardless, you’re supposed to show up and work just like everyone else.

During your third trimester, you are most definitely going to wet yourself and you may need to eat every 3 minutes, but the tips below will help you make work a little less painful.

  • Brainless is best

You are distracted and sleep deprived and you can’t focus on anything for long periods of time. Anything that requires thoughtful analysis will take ten times longer than it used to.

Seek projects that you can do in your sleep, and ask for help when you need it.

  • Love leggings

You are determined to wear professional maternity clothes because you are a professional, right? Sure! Until you get to your third trimester and “professional” suddenly means “comfortable.”

leggings for work during pregnancy

Get yourself some good leggings. A nice tunic over leggings will soon be your definition of professional. When you can barely get out of bed, putting on pants needs to be as easy as possible.

  • Snacks

Stash healthy snacks everywhere. The closer you get to your due date, the more you’ll want to eat; every 5 minutes if you’re lucky.

  • Bathroom breaks

Locate your nearest bathroom and have a backup bathroom. Your co-workers may comment about how many times you go to the bathroom. Ignore them. They’re not pregnant.

You could be innocently sitting at your computer and suddenly realize you have exactly 10 seconds before you wet yourself (maybe you’ll be lucky enough to never experience this kind of urgency). If you prefer to pretend you don’t have bodily functions in public, get over it.

Now, where’s the bathroom?

working during the third trimester
  • Connect with your co-workers

There’s always something to talk about when you’re pregnant. If you work with mothers, they know exactly what you’re going through.

The ones without kids would be happy to joke about your waddling and share stories about their nieces or nephews.

  • Never miss an appointment

It may seem like you have a million doctor’s appointments during the third trimester, but this doesn’t make you less of a professional.

Yes, 2 to 4 doctors appointments a week may take you away from work more than usual, but knowing your child is healthy should help you focus better on tasks rather than worry.

Depending on the day, your discomfort may range from mild to extreme. A day will come when you can barely get your head off the pillow or be away from the bathroom for more than 5 minutes. What then? Take a breath, stay calm, and if you can’t do it let your boss know you need some help.


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