I’m Pregnant, is it safe?

After the joy of finding out you’re pregnant, the reality that there’s a person growing inside you sets in.  Without a doubt, you will get lots of unsolicited advice about what you should and shouldn’t do while you’re pregnant.

This post attempts to answer some of the biggest concerns most first time mothers have about what is and isn’t safe to do while pregnant.

Is it safe to each cheese?

Many varieties of cheese are safe to eat while pregnant. It’s is a great source of calcium.


Mold ripened cheeses however, are not safe to eat during pregnancy. This is because of some bacteria that is likely to be growing on it such as listeria which is harmful to your unborn baby.  Soft blue veined cheese such as Roquefort are considered unsafe to eat during pregnancy.  Cook cheese thoroughly if you have to eat it.

Is it safe to have sex?

Yes.  If your pregnancy is healthy, there’s no reason why you cant have sex.


Your baby may move around after an orgasm but that’s a reaction to your pounding heart, not your partners penis poking them in the head.

Is it safe to eat sea food?

Most fish if cooked properly has health benefits for you and your baby.


Limit the amount of Tuna you eat as it contains mercury that may cause impairment to your baby’s nervous system.  Raw fish may be unsafe to eat as it can contain parasites such as tapeworms.

Is it safe to fly?

Check with your doctor, but generally if you have a healthy pregnancy there’s no reason why you can’t fly from your second trimester. By this time morning sickness will have subsided and you will have more energy.


You can fly up to 36 weeks of pregnancy if you are carrying only one baby and your pregnancy is healthy. Most airlines put the cap at 28 weeks though.

Remember, it doesn’t take long to get uncomfortable in an airplane seat.

Find out more about morning sickness by reading this article “How Early Can You Have Morning Sickness in a New Pregnancy?

Is it safe to dye my hair?

The jury is out on this one. Just to be on the safe side, stick to natural alternatives if you cant live without dying your hair.


If you are coloring your own hair at home, apply the product for the minimum length of time stated and follow the instructions exactly.

Is it safe to get an X-ray?

Depends. How much radiation will you be exposed to and for how long?


The risk from x-rays is low but if its not necessary to get an x-ray, don’t get one.  If you are around radiation due to work, monitor the amount of radiation you receive.

Is it safe to wear a seat belt?

The law states everyone should wear a seat belt while traveling.


A three point seat belt is best but a lap belt is better than no belt at all.  In the event of a crash, the seat belt will protect your baby against the force .  Ensure the lap belt fits across your pubic bone under your bump, not across it.

Is it safe to change cat litter?

Ideally, get someone else to do it.


Cat litter contains a parasite that causes an infection known as  toxoplasmosis.  This infection is not dangerous to you but can be dangerous to a developing baby. The odds of contracting toxoplasmosis is very low.


Do you have any “is it safe questions” about your pregnancy? Feel free to ask in the comments section
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