Experiencing Itching during Pregnancy?

Itching During Pregnancy

Itching belly during Pregnancy
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Ever feel like you have an itch that you just can’t scratch? You’re not alone! According to womenshealth.gov “about 20% of women report feeling itchy during pregnancy.” (1)

Let’s face it-you’re already uncomfortable enough with your morning sickness, back aches, and extreme exhaustion. Adding skin that seems impossible to soothe will make for a long 9 months! That’s why we here at Baby Prepping have worked hard to find some remedies to help relieve that itching during pregnancy.

What Causes this intense itchy skin?

As with most things in pregnancy, you can attribute this annoyance partly to those pesky hormones. Your ever-changing hormones change the water balance in your skin.

This causes your skin to have less elasticity than it did before which can attribute to the tight, itchy feeling you’re experiencing.

Itching is increasingly more widespread in your second and third trimesters – typically around 23 weeks is when you might start noticing a drastic difference. Your skin is beginning to expand (especially so on that beautiful growing baby bump of yours!), and it causes an extreme lack of moisture leaving you with an itchy belly!

Some women also experience an intense itching that can be attributed to Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques (PUPP).

  • Is your itching spreading to your arms, legs, and feet?
  • Notice that your skin suddenly is developing little itchy red spots?

You could be experiencing PUPP. Not to worry, while the name sounds intimidating, it is harmless, and this symptom will go away once you give birth. Then, you can focus on that sweet little bundle of joy instead of that uncomfortable all over itch!

Remedies and Relief

Let’s get down to business and start talking about ways to find your skin some relief, shall we? With a market that is saturated with skin care products of all kinds, it’s important to find safe and effective products to use on your skin!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Soothing Oil itching oil during pregnancy This long-standing brand has stood the test of time with expecting mothers for years! With its resounding 4.5 star reviews and amazing price, it gives you quality results at an affordable price.

Palmers advertises that their formula is uniquely created to soothe and moisturize itchy skin associated with pregnancy. It contains Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, and Elastin to help maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

5.0 out of 5-star review: Goodby Itchy Skin

Palmers Cocoa Butter relieved the itchiness and soothed my skin the moment I applied it to my skin. I was glad to finally find a product that actually worked as described. The pump makes it easier to apply to the skin. I will continue using this product. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry, itchy skin. // Cheryl E. Spellman (2)

The Honest Co. Organic Belly Balm for itching during pregnancy

The Honest Co. Organic Belly Balm will help moisturize and nourish your tight, itchy belly during pregnancy. It’s light enough that you won’t feel greasy and works wonderfully for an everyday moisturizing option.

This product also helps to tone and help with the appearance of stretch marks as well! Now that’s a win-win all pregnant mamas can celebrate!

  • A unique blend of organic butters, botanicals, and antioxidants for belly and body health.
  • Organic shea butter, olive oil, tamanu oil, and calendula help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve elasticity, and hydrate for soft and supple skin.
  • Jojoba, apricot kernel, rosehip, and tamanu oils help restore moisture and suppleness while smoothing marks and toning skin.
  • Nourishing botanicals and omega oils penetrate deeply to soothe the itch of stretching skin.
  • Helps soothe sensitive and extra dry skin.
  • No harsh chemicals (ever!) — only soothing, certified organic ingredients.
  • Hypoallergenic • Certified Organic • Vegetarian • Soothing • pH Balanced (3)

The Honest Co. is well known for providing families with products that they can have peace of mind about. They make their products with safe and organic ingredients that are also effective!

They promise that they won’t ever use harsh chemicals so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your body. Affordability, happiness guarantees, cute designs, and bundles that can ship directly to your home each month are just a few of the reasons to choose The Honest Co. products.

The Honest Co. Organic Body Oil for itching during pregnancy We’ve already talked about the goodness of choosing The Honest Co. brand, and they have another product that pregnant women rave about for their itchy skin during pregnancy!

“Our certified organic body oil offers a light, soothing blend to nurture and moisturize dry skin. It’s also the perfect organic baby oil — no harsh chemicals and sensitive for infants” (4)

How great to have a product that is both useful for mom and safe for baby’s sensitive new skin? It is filled with organic oils and botanical blends that help to moisturize, nourish, and soothe skin!

Use this oil to help with your all over itchy skin too! Legs, feet, belly, you name it, and it will provide a comforting and soothing relief!

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter for itching during pregnancy This blend of belly butter will safely nourish your itchy belly during pregnancy. It is 99% natural, fragrance-free, and affordable!

While this is called “belly butter,” it is also known to be effective on itchy and uncomfortable breasts while breastfeeding.

Just make sure to wipe it off before you feed Baby!  This product has great reviews on Amazon with a 4.4 out of 5-star review!

 “I’ve been using it every morning for 6 weeks (now at 18). No signs of stretch marks and skin is very soft/moisturized. Always been happy with Burt’s Bees’ products.” // Mom Holly (5

Burt’s Bee’s is a reputable company that continues to provide great products that we can feel good about! They promise not to use harsh and toxic ingredients and promise not to test their products on animals! An excellent choice for all of us who want to make good decisions on the companies we support, the products we put on our skin, and the safety of our environment!

At Home Remedies

Not to worry you mama’s who like to try finding relief from items you have in your home already, or by making small changes to the way you live to contribute to making a big difference – we’ve got ideas for you too! We think we researched some great ways for you to find relief for your itchy skin during pregnancy!

A Warm Oatmeal Bath

Try adding one cup of oatmeal to a warm bath. Some women prefer to grind their oats in a coffee grinder to make them a more colloidal blend as well! Take a soothing oatmeal bath at night before you go to bed so that you can rest with soothed skin all night long!

Baking Soda Paste

Whip up a paste of baking soda and water and apply to all your problem itchy areas. Baking soda helps reduce itch, redness, and pain associated with itchy skin! This is a very inexpensive and efficient way to find relief.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a long-term remedy for problem skin. Apply it like a moisturizer and find nearly instant relief! Did you know aloe vera is an easy plant to grow in your home, too? That way you always have it on hand when problem skin arises!

PUPP Sufferers

If you suffer from PUPP during your pregnancy, try using flour or corn starch as a store-bought powder alternative. Apply it to the folds and creases of your skin to help reduce inflammation and irritation.

Habits and Products to Avoid

Hot Showers and Baths

Hot showers and baths will make your skin feel even worse. Hot water dries your skin out and only causes more discomfort. Stick to warm showers and baths to help ease your itchy skin during pregnancy. Try taking a warm oatmeal bath at night and then lathering up with your favorite moisturizer to help nourish skin while you sleep!

Stop that scratching!

I know, I know…easier said than done, right? But, scratching will only increase your irritation and make you feel worse! If it’s nearly impossible not to scratch it try gently massaging your skin to avoid breaking the skin and irritating it further.

Avoid Heat

Do you live in a warmer climate? Try avoiding the heat at much as you can! Sweating will make your itchy skin much worse. Stay cool and hydrated to help your skin stay moisturized and comfortable!

Bye-Bye Scented Moisturizers

It’s time to say goodbye to your nicely scented moisturizers and bath products. Choose an unscented product or something that is scented with botanical or safe essential oils instead! Harsh perfumes will irritate your skin and only make your problems worse!

Good Bye Itchy Pregnancy Skin – Hello Happy & Moisturized Skin!

Good Bye Itchy Pregnancy Skin - Hello Happy & Moisturized Skin!

Okay, Mama, you’ve been equipped with some great products and home remedies to help with that itchy skin during pregnancy. Here’s to finding relief and enjoying the rest of your nine-month stretch! We hope here at Baby Prepping we’ve helped to find a remedy and treatment that is right for your itching during pregnancy!


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