Make Dad the Best Pregnancy Partner

When it comes to being pregnant, it’s mom’s show. That doesn’t mean she can, or should, handle everything on her own.

Many fathers-to-be want to help but aren’t quite sure what to do or how they can be of most use.

The first step is making sure dad is well-informed as Mom’s pregnancy partner.

The more prepared the father is, the more he will be able to provide support throughout the pregnancy and birth. Men, however, don’t as often attend prenatal appointments and are less likely to have had the same motivation to read through the books and guides. It’s important you ensure the dad is well prepared for the tasks and struggles ahead.

Getting Dad Involved

1. Communicate with one another!

Make the birth plan together. Dad is your life partner. Why not make him your pregnancy partner as well? Making sure you both are on the same page throughout the process can do a great deal to improve your relationship. Create a regular date night and make it a habit throughout parenthood.

2. Attend Appointments and Classes Together.

Attend at least a handful of medical appointments as a couple and make sure you both attend educational classes. This helps dad understand more about what’s needed with prenatal care and prepares him for the ins and outs of birth. It also lets him experience important moments like hearing the baby’s heartbeat. Encourage him to pose his own questions to the doctors and educators.

3. Prepare for Roles to Change.

Getting Dad ready to handle more of the burden around the house and to make sure he preps for the little things, like memorizing the route to the hospital, is essential for a smooth transition. Make sure you both know how to cook, clean, and handle all of the chores. Then establish what you both expect to be the household plan during these challenging months.

5 Basic Rules for Dad as a Pregnancy Partner
  • Be flexible
  • Be ready to work hard
  • Be prepared
  • Be ready for surprises
  • Be aware of what she wants
Some Learning Resources for Dad:
  • Dads Adventure
    Offers resources and tools for new fathers on how to deal with crying babies, new moms and other concerns.
  • National Center for Fathering
    A nonprofit educational organization that strives to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to be actively engaged in the life of every child.
  • Glad Dads
    Fatherhood Advice, Tips, Stories, Gear and Book Reviews

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