16 Must-Read Pregnancy Blogs

You found out you’re pregnant and now you’re perusing the pregnancy blogs, right, Momma?

Well, you’ve probably noticed there are a whole lot of them out there! To help you out, we did our own reading and research to find ones we know you’ll love.

Below are some of the best, most informative, most interesting pregnancy blogs around. We hope you enjoy reading one or two, or all, of them!

16 Must-Read Pregnancy Blogs for Expectant Moms

1. Mama Natural

Mama Natural Genevieve Howland gives step-by-step tutorials through the hardships of motherhood. This includes lactation advice, the best car seats to use, and even acupressure.

She also has very informative posts about pregnancy, baby, and parenting. If you’re looking for some help on an all-natural approach to motherhood, Genevieve is your gal! Her view of the world is: “It is never too late to change your life for the better!” She also has a great sense of humor to go with her posts.

2. AlphaMom

Alpha mom Isabel Kallman is the founder and current brains of operations at AlphaMom. She understands that most moms aren’t automatically connected with their child, and that’s okay.

She started her website to foster this connection. She gives non-judgemental advice and support from professionals and parents who went through the same situation.

3. Bellies and Babies

 Bellies and BabiesNicole D. is an author, doula, apprentice midwife, childbirth educator, and mother. Bellies and Babies is a blog that focuses on childbirth and recovery from labor. Her hope is to dispel the fear of childbirth through education and support.

4. Natural Birth and Baby Care

Natural Birth and Baby CareKristen is the mama behind this site. She made this website to go against the stigma of natural birth being all about luck, as well as show it as a healthy and empowering choice for you and your little one.

She also shows that raising a happy and healthy child is not as complicated as some may think. In her posts, she shows you how to prepare yourself to give a natural birth and work with your baby through the process.

5. CafeMom

CafeMomCafeMom is a website dedicated to helping mothers (as well as soon-to-be-moms) with their emotional and practical needs. They’re just like good friends, they want to make your life better and easier. This is all through honesty, funny, wise, and uplifting posts.

They want to give you the advice you’ve never heard before, but will make you nod your head, saying, “That’s so true!”

6. PregnantChicken

PregnantChickenAmy Morrison started the PregnantChicken in 2010 after having two sons. She realized how hard it was and wanted to make it easier on others by giving great advice, stories, and even resources. This is by far the most down-to-earth blog on the list.

If you’re okay with cuss words and heartfelt honesty, this is the site you will definitely want to check out!

7. Giving Birth With Confidence

Giving Birth With ConfidenceLamaze International created Giving Birth With Confidence as an online community for other mothers (and fathers), as well as trained professionals to help others with the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. It is an excellent resource for information on Lamaze and a way to connect with birth education and the advocacy community.

8. BirthWithoutFear

BirthWithoutFearJanuary Harshe created BirthWithoutFear (BWF) after realizing all of her birth experiences were different (she has six children). She wanted to inform women about birth options, as well as support them and their decisions in their delivery process.

She has created a Facebook page, and other social media pages to connect with other moms. She was extremely passionate about supporting women and their right to choose. You can find stories and articles on breastfeeding, postpartum, as well as circumcisions.

9. MotherRisingBirth

MotherRisingBirthLindsey created this holistic pregnancy blog after having a variety of birthing experiences (all unmedicated). Her goal is to help mothers have a healthy pregnancy, natural birth, and a happy postpartum experience.

She is funny, very compassionate, and sensitive to everyone’s journey. She’s very knowledgeable on the subject of pregnancy since she is a doula and teaches birth classes.

10. Belly Itch Blog

Belly Itch Blog BellyItchBlog is an informative blog not only on the issue of just your experience but also celebrity pregnancies and upkeep. It is fully-staffed with proud parents like yourself and is updated 5 times daily. This is a great blog if you are looking into the latest gossip on the Beyonce pregnancy, or just looking for information on your own.

11. Maternity Folks

Maternity FolksMaternity Folks is a pregnancy fashion website where you can get great and comfortable maternity clothing! It has everything from breastfeeding accessories to dresses. It also has great tips and advice for diet, symptoms, and reviews. The links are directly from Amazon to purchase the clothing. This website looks very new so keep your eye out for some changes and newer articles.

12. The Birth Hour

The Birth HourOnce Bryn Huntpalmer gave birth to her daughter, she realized she had a passion for helping other woman preparing for motherhood. In 2015 Bryn launched The Birth Hour, this is a place for women to talk about their pregnancy stories while being brutally honest and raw.

Its purpose is to be a safe place to talk about your emotions and experiences throughout labor, as well as inform others.

13. Mama Aligned

Mama AlignedLindsay McCoy (the founder and owner of Mama Aligned) is a doula and expert in the area of pregnancy fitness. She has a passion for preparing mothers for their pregnancies and birth experiences and has four children of her own.

The website is based on exercise and fitness for your body to develop and deal with labor as well as pregnancy. Everything is backed by medical reasoning and is beneficial to you and your little one!

14. Evidence Based Birth

Evidence Based BirthRebecca Dekker is a mother, wife, and Ph.D. certified nurse. In 2012 she created Evidence Based Birth to give trusted and medically backed information on pregnancy and childbirth. This website is for a pregnant woman, as well as women trying to conceive.

Here you will find medical information broken down so you can understand it better. Let’s face it, doctors’ language can be pretty complicated.

15. Plus Size Birth

Plus Size BirthJen McLellan is an author, mother, certified childbirth educator, as well as an advocate for plus sized woman. This website is based on giving healthy advice, tips, and information for women who are slightly larger.

She believes in embracing your body to the fullest because pregnancy is a one size fits all.

16. Fit To Be Pregnant

Fit To Be PregnantDeanna Schober and her husband made this website to document her first healthy pregnancy (after three unhealthy ones). Her goal is to empower women with health, fitness, and positive body image, through what is probably the most vulnerable time of their lives.

She wants every woman to love themselves before, during and after pregnancy and know they aren’t alone.

Not all these pregnancy blogs will fit your tastes, but we hope you found at least one or two that piqued your interest! Did we miss any on this list that you absolutely love?

Let us know in the Comments!

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