Over 6 Months Pregnant This Summer?

Bring on the hot weather! Oh wait…you’re over 6 months pregnant!

Summer heat, humidity, sun, and fun can take its toll on your expanding and hormonal body. If you find yourself very pregnant this summer, we’re sharing some tips to help.

Chug That Water

You need to stay hydrated while pregnant anyway, but if you’re very pregnant this summer it’s even more important. If you are not used to drinking lots of water, how can you get in the habit? How can you make it easier and more enjoyable?

  • Infuse it! Lemon slices, strawberries, and cucumbers are delicious additions. Just put some slices in your water to give it a bit more pizzazz.
  • Use an app to track your cups. This is a great idea for the technology buffs.
  • Try sparkling or mineral water.
  • Get a big jug and mark the hours so you know when to drink and how much throughout the day.

You can also increase your juicy fruits and vegetables to provide extra hydration. Eat lots of fresh salads and enjoy that summer watermelon.

Put Your Feet Up

Pregnancy swelling tends  to increase when it’s hotter out. Try putting your feet up throughout the day. By doing this, you can help reduce the chance of those ugly leg veins. Drinking more water can help with this, too, but rest your feet as often as possible. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and supportive socks, as well, when you have to be out and about.

Dress For Success

Dress in loose layers to stay cool and comfortable in the warm months. It’s going to be extra-challenging to stay cool when you have all that extra belly weight. Clothes that are lighter in color are typically cooler and a better choice. Think white, pink, and light blue.

Protect Your Skin

You don’t want to let your skin burn, so be sure to find a safe, mineral-based, sunscreen to use. You can ask your dermatologist for a pregnancy safe suggestion. Wearing lightweight clothing with long sleeves, sun protective clothing, and hats can help, too.

Keep It Cool Indoors

Fans, air conditioning, a breeze from the windows…find some relief from the heat if you’re pregnant this summer. You could even get one of those portable fans that you wear around your neck for when you need to be outside. A fan by your bed can help you stay cooler at night. A mist bottle is also a refreshing idea.

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