Popular French Baby Names For 2017

If you’re looking for a name for your baby girl or boy, have you ever thought about popular French baby names? From great leaders such as Napolean and Joan of Arc to historical places like the Eiffel Tower and the Chanel fashion house, even amazing food, France is a country of cultural richness like none other. French names are strong and beautiful. They’re also unique in their spelling and sound. Not to mention have some of the most popular names to date and a lot of popular American names origin is from France. You will definitely aww your loved ones with your newborn’s name. Keep reading to find out more.

Popular French Baby Names

According to thelocal.fr, for the girls, Louise is number 1 for the most popular girl name followed by Emma and then Jade. The name Lousie is French for famous warrior and is also the female version of the French name Louis.

For the boys, the names that made the list are not of French origin. The most popular names of 2017 are Gabriel, Raphael, and Jules. Also, Leo, Lucas, Adam, Louis, Liam, Ethan and Hugo made it in the top ten most popular names for male babies. Gabriel is of Hebrew or Biblical origin and it’s meaning is God is my strength. Although these are great names there are a ton of great French names to consider as well.

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French Boy Names and Meanings

  • Amaury – Name of a Count.
  • Absolon – The father is peace or father of peace. The form of Hebrew Absolom who was the son of Old Testament King.
  • Bennet – Right-hand son.
  • Emilio – Eager.
  • Cannon – Church official.
  • Damien – Untamed.
  • Émile -Excellent.
  • Garren – Gaurds.
  • Iven – Little archer.
  • Francois -Free.
  • Jasper – Jewel.
  • Lavelle – Valley.
  • Leroy – King.
  • Mason – Apprentice
  • Percy – Pierce the valley.
  • Spencer – Man who manages the distribution of food.
  • Tyson – Son of Ty. (derived from the name Tison)
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French Girl Names and Meanings

  • Addie – Nobility. French form of the Old German Adalhedis, a compound of ‘athal’ (noble and ‘haida’.
  • Bridgette – Strength. Mythological Celtic goddess of fire and poetry.
  • Calanthe – Beautiful flower.
  • Colette – People’s triumph.
  • Danielle – God is my judge.
  • Dalaney – From the Black River.
  • Eglantina – Wild rose.
  • Elicia – Abbreviation of Elisabeth.
  • Gemma – Jewel.
  • Hanriette – Rules the home. (or Harriett)
  • Kamille – Perfection.
  • Naeva – Born at night.
  • Noelle – Birthday. Feminine of Noel. Commonly refers to Christmas.
  • Shantel – Like a stone.
  • Trista – Filled with sadness.
  • Verna – Of the alder tree.
  • Zuri – White and lovely.

Old French Names

Medieval French names are unique, to say the least. These names really hold true to its history and are really reveals the characteristics of what it was like during the medieval times. You’ll see that most of the old French names are the blueprint for many names we have today through the transformation of language and spelling. You can definitely take a look at old French names if you’re interested in spelling or simply looking for something that will stand out on its own. Here are some popular Old French names.

  • Alas – Old French form of Alice.
  • Calvin – The little bald one.
  • Eudes – This was the name of an 8th- century French Saint. Also its the old French form of Audo.
  • Enguerrand – Medieval French form of the Germanic name Engilram. This was the name of several French nobles from Picardy.
  • Geoffroi – Medieval French form of Geoffrey.
  • Gidie – Form of Aegidius.
  • Gosse – Old French form of Gozzo. Meaning Goth.
  • Melisende – Old French form of Millicent. Meaning strong or work and labor.
  • Cateline – Medieval French form of Katherine.
  • Piers – Medieval for of Peter.
  • Vauquelin – Old French form of the Germanic name Walchelin, derived from the element walk meaning “Foreign”.

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one! Exploring names is such a great and exciting part of a pregnancy. Your friends and family will make suggestions as you and your significant other bounce ideas around. The most rewarding part of finding your baby a  name is the feeling you get when you’ve found the perfect one.  We hope this guide to popular French baby names will help you with some ideas to get you started with your name search.



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