Pregnancy and Boating: Perfectly Safe or a No-Go?

With all the heat, swelling, and possible restrictions from all of your favorite activities, being pregnant in the summertime can be a real bummer.

However, don’t let your pregnancy stop you from having fun all summer long. Yes, you will have to change and adapt to your pregnancy body but you can still have fun while pregnant. This article will specifically explore pregnancy and boating and any extra precautions that may be necessary to enjoy this summer activity.

pregnant mom ready to go boating

First of all, as it goes with any sporting activity while pregnant, ask your doctor first just in case you have any specific restrictions for your pregnancy. Generally speaking, you can participate in boating while pregnant with a few modifications. The important thing is to take everything a little bit easier. Here are a few simple tips to keep you and your unborn baby safe while boating.

  • Don’t go crazy in the water.

A nice and steady boat ride is fine. Don’t jump over waves, drive too quickly, go too fast, or do anything that seems too risky like sharp turns.

  • Keep in mind that your balance and equilibrium will be off.

Don’t be surprised if walking across the boat you find yourself stumbling a bit more than usual. Go slower. Sit more. Take it easy. This maybe the most annoying part of pregnancy and boating.

  • Stay hydrated and cool.

You will be on a boat in the sun in the middle of summer. You need water and lots of it. Bring more water than you normally would and sit in the shade when possible.

  • Get and wear new lifejackets.

Wearing a lifejacket is vital for anyone participating in boating. For pregnant women, it is even more important. You need to wear a lifejacket that fits so you will have to buy at least one new one as your tummy starts to grow.

going boating with a life jacket while pregnant
  • Beware of morning sickness.

You may want to avoid boating if you have had any morning sickness. The motions of the boat could bring it back again. This is most important in the first trimester and late in the third trimester when nausea can return.

If you follow all of these precautions and get approval from your doctor, any woman experiencing a low-risk pregnancy should be able to participate in this popular summer activity. Pregnancy and boating is a fun summer activity that you will be able to still take part in.


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