Surviving Pregnancy via YouTuber RachhLovesLife

Surviving Pregnancy “Kit”

Surviving pregnancy tips from Rachh…

While I LOVE being pregnant, there are some elements that are… less fun. Here are my must-haves to make it more comfortable 🙂

Start with a great mattress topper. You need your sleep! Keep cool. You may feel like you have a little furnace attached to you. Purchase some extra water bottles to keep around the house and stay hydrated. While we’re on hydration, you will want some great skin creams. Exercise bands. You can use these to strengthen your back as your belly expands. Belly bands can help lift and make you feel more comfortable towards the end when you are feeling huge and have lots of pressure pulling you down. For nausea, make sure you have saltine crackers close by. Prenatal vitamins to stay well and healthy.


Beautyrest Energex Thermagel Mattress Topper (similar)
Heat Buster Be Cool Wrap (can’t find it anymore!! let me know if you find one)
Dyson fan
Nalgene bottle
L’Occitane Pure Shea Butter
Olay Regenerist Lumious Overnight Mask
St Ives Body Lotion
First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist
Genestra Pregna Vite

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