Tips and Tricks for Buying Baby Clothes

Today’s roundup post is for the moms-to-be out there that are wondering how to buy baby clothes. Sizing, quality, the how and where…we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the lowdown on buying baby clothes.

How To Buy Baby Clothes, The Bump

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So, you are anxiously awaiting your newborn’s arrival. It is so hard to hold back when it comes to buying baby clothes. They are just so adorable! This post will help you step back into the practical and covers all the basics from gowns to onesies to vests.

Clothing, Lucie’s List

This post covers your baby’s homecoming and the type of clothing you will need to deal with that umbilical cord. Also, great tips on nighttime warmth, booties, and outerwear.

Lucie’s List also includes the brands and stores to buy from with easy access links!

How to buy baby clothes, Baby Center

Baby Center recommends going for cotton clothes when buying for baby. He or she has sensitive skin, after all.

A new baby is precious and so is a baby’s skin, so experts recommend that you opt for either 100 percent organic or 100 percent combed cotton when it comes to purchasing for babies 12 months or younger.

You will also want items that are easy to get on and off the baby. Remember that the size on the label is just a suggestion. Your baby may be bigger or smaller.

Baby Clothes for the First Year, She Knows

She Knows has your shopping guide from 0 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months, and 9 to 12 months. Baby’s first year of clothing needs covered! She Knows Tips:

  • The Right Fit
  • Simple Staples
  • Be Prepared

Remember, the first year is a whirlwind of growth and spit up so you’ll want to dress baby — and yourself — accordingly.

What Size Baby Clothes To Buy | CloudMom

What’s your favorite store for baby clothes?


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