How to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

The pee stick says you’re pregnant! Congratulations!

Welcome to the first trimester.

You aren’t too sure about telling everyone yet…then, your waistbands start to cinch, your belly isn’t as flat as it used to be, and your boobs are trying to take over your body. Is it time to  buy maternity clothes?

While it’s tempting to immediately switch to maternity clothes in the new pregnancy excitement, not so fast. When you see the prices for maternity clothes you’ll want to stick to your normal wardrobe for as long as possible.

Another reason to hold off on those purchases is because the stuff you buy during your first trimester won’t fit by the third, which is when you really need all the room you can get.

Save your money with these handy tips on how to extend your non-maternity wardrobe into the third trimester.

#1. Inventory your closet.
maternity clothes

You have stuff that will work. Every girl has pants in a slightly bigger size, flowy tunics, empire waists or even super stretchy jeans that sit directly below your pooch. Pair those jeans with that flowy tunic and aha! Look at that…maternity clothes!

#2. Get extra inches from your pants.

Shirts and dresses won’t really be a problem during your first trimester, but pants will taunt you while your belly is so very close to buttoning yet not quite muffin top.

Screw the top buttons! Who says they have to close, anyway? Now, since you don’t want your pants to fall down or have weird pointy corners sticking through your shirts use a rubber band or thick elastic hairband through your button hole and loop the other end over your button.

maternity clothes

If you have dress pants that have a hook and eye closure, stick a safety pin on each side and close them around a hair band. All you really need is an extra inch or two.

#3. The Bella band.
maternity clothes

If you have a little money to splash around, get yourself a Bella band. Think of this like a tube top you wear over your unbuttoned waist band. It holds up your pants while hiding the fact that your buttons are undone. It requires some adjusting during the day, but it’s extremely useful.

#4. Extend your bras.

Your boobs don’t go through a sudden growth spurt. They change in size throughout your pregnancy and again after you give birth. Unless you have money to buy new bras every month, you must be very selective about the timings of inevitable bra purchases. You can also yank underwires out of bras to get more comfortable (it’s healthier, too!). Here’s a simple rule to follow: upgrade when you start spilling out of your cup and extend when the band seems small.

maternity clothes

Bra extenders are relatively cheap and you can even make them yourself.  Get an old bra and cut off the hook and eyes from the band section. Secure the hook to the row of eyes and the eye on the row of hooks and voila, you have a bra extender!

#5. Don’t be afraid to snip.

When your body changes drastically overnight, don’t be afraid to get some breathing room in your more replaceable non-maternity clothes.

maternity clothes

Convert your regular pants into maternity pants if you can sew, or make a small cut in the waist band and cut off belly panels if it helps.

#6. You don’t have to wear maternity clothes.

Sticking the ‘word “maternity’ before ‘clothes’ has become a license to charge a premium. Most first time moms won’t listen to this advise reasoning that they should buy maternity stuff since they will need them. Trust me-wait! What fits now won’t fit in a few weeks; wait as long as you can.

maternity clothes

It’s also easy to assume that maternity clothes fit better than bigger, regular clothes but this isn’t always true, either. The maternity section is usually full of tent-like outfits. You can find more affordable regular clothing without the maternity markup. For example, men’s undershirts are a great way to extend your wardrobe. A pack is cheaper than any maternity tanks or camisoles you will find.

Similarly, maternity leggings can cost upwards of one hundred dollars for a single pair. Hit up the Gap or Old Navy pajama department and buy some cheap, stretchy leggings that cover your belly.

#7. Wear Jackets.

The jacket is a key piece during pregnancy. If you work in corporate America, you own a few.

maternity clothes

It doesn’t matter if you can’t button them up. They give structure to your shoulders and waist while allowing you to still show off your bump and curves.

#8. Toupee tape.

Once your boobs start to grow, your shirts may start to pull apart. Strategically placed double-sided tape will easily hide the growing gap between your buttons.

maternity clothes

It won’t work forever, but it’ll help you hold off buying new shirts for a few weeks.

#9. Get in touch with Denim therapy.

Do you have jeans and dungarees that you just can’t bear the thought of not being able to wear?

maternity clothes

Get in touch with denim therapy. They add elastic panels to your pants to give you that extra room you really need and when you’re done being pregnant and back to your old size, send them back and they’ll restore your jeans to what they were.

#10. Pocket dots.
maternity clothes

These are great for holding up Bella bands, which can shift around.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how your body will change during pregnancy and, yes, you will eventually have to buy a few maternity clothes just to avoid public nudity during your last few months. Just remember, the human race procreated and continued to grow before the maternity fashion boom.

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How long did you wear non-maternity clothes during your pregnancy? Do you have some tips for our readers? Please share in the comments section.

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