How to Plan the Ultimate Spring Baby Shower

If you are in charge of planning your friend’s/sister’s/cousin’s spring baby shower, don’t panic! Just follow a few, simple guidelines, and the baby shower will be perfect.

Having a list of everything, including the right timeline, can help guarantee nothing will be missed. Excellent organization and planning mean even you can enjoy the party on the day instead of running around, stressed and overwhelmed.

Getting started with a Spring Baby Shower

The first thing to do is to set the date. Remember – the mommy-to-be is the main guest. Pick a date that (obviously) works for her. Guests will simply have to make an effort.

The second important things to discuss right away are the options for venues and the budget. If these two factors are restrictive, you just might have to get creative. So here are just some of the things you need to sit down and decide on. Once you have figured this stuff out, the rest will solve itself. Here is what you need to keep in mind.

Spring Baby Shower Themes

Why are spring baby shower themes so important? Because, while a baby shower is reason enough to celebrate, a theme can bring things together. Sometimes, a beautiful theme can cover for shortages because the guests will be amused with how creative and fun everything is and disregard the fact that your budget did not include generous favors, for example. Some beautiful spring related ideas are:

All Natural – The Flower Baby Shower

Organic food is perfect for a baby shower
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If you happen to know a little something about the mother’s birth plans and parenting ideas and they fit the theme, then you have hit the jackpot. Organic food, natural fibers for the linens, getting her registered for baby and mommy gifts at an organic shop, and even making it an outdoor event would be fantastic.

Green grass, lovely floral arrangements, healthy food, and lots of fruit and vegetables are a perfect addition.

The Precious Baby Shower

Fancy decorations
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You know it, and she knows it. Once the baby comes, she will mainly spend her days surrounded by plastic spoons, milk bottles, stuffed animals, and other baby stuff. Give her the chance to feel spoiled. Diamonds, pearls, or gold and silver decorations can make her feel like a star, like a queen, or like a goddess. You know her better.

Garden Party

You can have a rustic garden party or an elegant garden party. There is also the shabby chic approach. However, the bad thing about a backyard party is that it is double the work. Once you have everything planned outdoors, you need to make a plan B that will look just as well indoors, just in case it rains or gets too chilly.

Cinema Party

Prepare a home cinema with video messages from everybody and clips of the mommy-to-be. She will love it! You can even tape this for another occasion. How is this a spring thing? Plan the screening outside. Get a projector, put up a large sheet, get some blankets or some bean bag chairs and you have a very hip affair.


If the expectant mom is in the tech industry, a Tech_Mom shower would be a fun and unique event. A “baby loading” T-shirt, baby apps, and baby devices like special monitors are good examples.

Why should dads have all the fun? Moreover, while this is not necessarily a spring baby shower theme, if it fits the personality of your mommy, it will be much appreciated.


Is your mama a social media fan or a blogger? Then plan a social media worthy affair! Use emoticons, fancy dishes everybody will try to photograph, a photo area, props with hashtags, and everything else you can think of. Make it personal and fun.

Spring Baby Shower Invitations

Spring baby shower invitations must be sent out at least five weeks in advance. You’re getting into a high travel period so you want to make sure guests keep this date free.

This means you should make a guest list, check it with the mommy-to-be, and even give some of the more notable guests a save-the-date message about seven weeks in advance. Once you have decided on the theme, you can think of cute invitations and order or start making them six weeks in advance, so that everything is ready for mailing five weeks before the event.

Spring Baby Shower Food

Baby shower food
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Another critical aspect of the event is what you are going to serve. Whether you are going with a catering company to provide your spring baby shower food, or you choose to do it yourself, it is important to keep in mind the theme, keep things tasty, and try your best to include as many universal favorites as possible.

Also, it would help to include an RSVP card in the invitations with a special box for people to mark particular food requests: food restrictions and allergies, and special dietary or religious considerations.

Floral Baby Shower Decorations

Always check with the mom before deciding on the floral baby shower decorations. Make sure she has not developed some allergies during pregnancy.

Once you got this out of the way, choose according to the theme and the budget. Do not shy away from using accessories that make a simpler flower arrangement pop. This means glass jars, twigs, candles, and other trinkets. You can even use long sashes if they go with the theme.

The spring baby shower centerpieces will dictate the way in which you make the rest of the arrangements. You can get very creative yourself and still stick to the budget. However, keep in mind the fact that flowers wilt, especially if you are going for fresh flower centerpieces.

If you are doing the arrangements yourself, make sure you have enough time to do them one day in advance. Also, if you opt for exotic flowers and they must be imported, place the order in due time.

Spring Baby Shower Cake

Baby shower cake
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Pay particular attention to the spring baby shower cake. Bringing out and cutting it will be a moment in itself. Make sure it does not disappoint. A word of advice, however! Unless you can swear by the talent of the baker to decorate it right, go for simpler models and focus more on the most delicious cake.

If you know the chef you are working with is a whip-cream wiz, go for it! However, make sure to check with the mom, too. She many not want excessive sweets during pregnancy, so a lovely non-glazed fruit tart is a beautiful, delicious option.

Moreover, there’s always cupcakes. Many bakeries do a multitude of cakes covered with the same frosting to make it look like one whole cake.

You still get something fancy, yet already portioned in perfect little cupcakes. Easy to transport, easy to make, and easy to eat. Not to mention the fact that you get some incredible portion control.

Spring Baby Shower Favors

It is always helpful and considerate to include spring baby shower favors. When choosing them, you need to consider the theme, the budget, and whether any of the guests will be bringing children. Yes, it matters. Imagine having satchels of fake pearls lying around.

A toddler can shove that up his nose in an instant. You could make sure that the favors are far away from the reach of any of the guest’s children. However, remain vigilant.

Spring Baby Shower Games

The Internet is full of spring baby shower games. You might be tempted to go for some of them only because “everybody is doing it” or because “some of the guests expect it.” Scratch these thoughts completely and think of the mommy and her guests in particular.

If husbands and boyfriends are coming to the event, you should include some more dynamic games like a baby carriage race.

If children are there, keep it rated PG.

If it is only women and very close friends, you can do more intimate stuff like “paint the belly” competitions. Remember to keep them entertained, to make them feel included, to stick to the theme and to bear in mind mommy’s preference and style.

Spring Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

Some themes require specific ideas for a spring baby shower outfit and give mom and some of the other pregnant guests a chance to wear something other than maternity dresses. The Precious theme, for example, would go well with some “in your face” accessories.

The All Natural theme can also impose an organic fabric dress code, and the #blessed theme can let you fool around, get your swag on and get silly for the camera. However, it is best for the guests not to feel compelled to wear something in particular.

A simple mention of preferred, yet optional, outfits to match a theme would suffice. The main things are to always think of mommy first, make lists upon lists so you don’t forget anything, and think of timing. If you get this right, you might even be able to let the spring baby shower unfold while you lay back, sip on some delicious lemonade and join in the games.



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