10 Interesting Facts About Newborn Babies

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Interesting Facts About Newborn Babies!

1. Babies Do Not Have Kneecaps

Did you know that babies are born without kneecaps? Babies have cartilage on the knee area that resembles caps but do not fully develop kneecaps until around 6 months. You can see this when babies “army crawl.”

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2. Baby’s Eyesight is Poor

Did you know that baby’s eyesight doesn’t reach 20/20 until around 6 months of age? With baby’s eyes at only 75% of their adult size, his or her vision starts at 20/400!

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3. Babies Are Addictive

Did you know….you may be addicted to your baby’s smell?

“A University of Montreal study looked at the brains of 15 new mums and found the smell of a newborn brought out the same pleasure and sense of craving that food does when we’re hungry.” // Mother&Baby

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4. Baby’s Weight Doubles in Their First 5 Months

That’s a lot of weight gain! Imagine doubling your own size and weight in just 5 months!!! But, hey, when you do little but eat and sleep, I guess that’s what happens. Add in that powerful and nourishing breast milk and baby is bound to grow fast.

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5. Babies Have the “Crawl Ability” at Birth

It may take a while before you witness it, but babies can actually crawl as soon as they are born according to a study out of Sweden…

“In 1987 the Karolinska Institute in Sweden compiled the findings of their study on the “Breast Crawl”. When the baby was dried and laid on a mother’s chest immediately after birth they were able to find her chest for feeding within an hour.” // Disney Baby

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6. They Have a Natural Reflex to Swim

Did you know that babies have a natural reflex to swim for the first 6 months of life, but lose it and have to be retaught later?!

If infants are placed face down in a bucket of water, they apparently will kick and stroke their arms. It’s called the swimming reflex though we don’t recommend that you try it. Remember placing baby in the water like this is too risky. Just take a professionals’ word for it.

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7. And They Have 60 More Bones than Adults

Human babies have over 60 more bones in their bodies than us adults. This is because as babies grow into adults some of the bones fuse together. Babies have more cartilage. Newborns have around 305 bones.

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8. Babies Can Breathe and Swallow Simultaneously

Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time, which comes in handy when chugging milk. When babies are hungry, they are super hungry! Who has the time to pause and breathe? Babies can do this up until around 7 months.

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9. Their Head Accounts for 25% of Their Body Weight

Babies are top heavy. That is in part why they tend to topple over. It can take a little while for babies bodies’ to catch up and be proportionate with their head.

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10. Finally, They’re Born with Blue or Blue/Grey Eyes

Did you know that nearly all babies are born with blue or blueish gray eyes? If you are trying to figure out baby’s eye color, just wait a bit. Eye color can change in the first few months.

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