10 Reasons to Stay in The Hospital

Some of us can’t wait to get out of the sterile hospital and back home to begin life as a new parent, or at least a parent with a new addition to the family! We want to jump into our comfortable PJ’s and take a shower in our own shower, sleep in our own bed. While this is all true and well and good, there are some perks to staying in the hospital as long as you can. For us, I know we didn’t want to leave after 5 nights in the hospital. It was almost like a getaway.

Here are 10 reasons to stay that little bit longer…

1. Hot meals, freshly delivered 

They may not be the tastiest meals going around, but let’s face it, who wouldn’t want breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed for a few days?

Also, no washing up!

2. Bed goes up, Bed goes down

Bed goes up, bed goes down.
Source: tumblr.com

The less muscles you need to use to move right now, the better.

3.  Hand sanitizer and sinks within two feet of everything

A no excuses way to make sure everyone keeps their hands clean.

Hand Sanitizer
Source: owensoundsuntimes.com

4.  Built-in visitor repellent

Visitors are far more likely to stay longer in your home than stand in a hospital room. You love visitors, but not all day and night. Nurse or lactation consultation visits will ensure the prompt removal of any dawdling visitors.

5.  You don’t need to play host

In the hospital you can’t offer cake or coffee, which means no running around preparing things for guests.

6.  Everything you need, right there

No late night trips to the store for basic postpartum necessities. No sudden panic attacks when you realize you’ve run out of pads. The hospital is basically a 24/7 convenience store at your fingertips.

7.  Cozy shower

Hand rails, a seat and a good wall to lean on. Post pregnancy, even showering can take a toll on you. Appreciate this purpose built shower whilst you can!

8.  A bed with rails

You don’t need to worry about baby rolling off the bed if you doze off whilst feeding.

9.  Nurse Guards

Make the nurse the bad guy when needing to turn away guests so you can rest.

Nurse Guard
Source: workingnurse.com

10. No other kids to take care of

If you already have a child at home, you may be eager to get back to him or her, but you may also be underestimating how taxing caring for both (or more) will be. Take a little time to get acquainted with your new addition, before descending upon the certain chaos of home.



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