5 Things This Natural Birth Mom Wants You to Know

Upon learning that she was pregnant, Melissa not surprisingly went into a little shock. After that dwindled down, and the beautiful thoughts of becoming a mother sunk in, she then went into phase three of her thoughts… oh, my God. Now I have to give birth.

“I was 100% terrified and spent the first three months of pregnancy in serious denial about the fact that a bowling ball was going to descend through my nether regions and blow it to smithereens in a few short months.” // Melissa via www.pregnantchicken.com

Melissa hoped for a totally natural birth, and she had one. Now, speaking in past tense on the whole squeezing a watermelon out of you saga, she has some points she’d like everyone to know!

#1. I worked toward my natural birth, not wished.

Melissa really wanted a natural birth, and took the necessary steps to give her the best chance of that happening. She planned.

Not planning, “to me, that’s like signing up for a marathon, not training, and showing up on race day just hoping you make it to the finish line.” // Melissa via www.pregnantchicken.com

She purchased a Hypnobabies home self-study off Amazon, and listened to hypnosis tracks for up to an hour per day, for three months. She credits her natural childbirth to a combination of Hypnobabies and good fortune. She prepared herself mentally long before the day came.

#2. I don’t think I’m superior because of how I birthed my child.

While Melissa says that a totally ‘natural’ birth was right for her, she does not see herself as ‘better’ than anyone else who had to have a C-section or utilize an epidural. There is no one right way to give birth.

#3. I didn’t have a natural birth to piss you off. Really.

I don’t know how anyone could think this anyway, but Melissa makes the point of not intending to piss anyone off by giving birth totally naturally. She says…

“…a lot of moms treat me like I am a direct threat to who they are as mothers when I tell them I went sans an epidural – which is only revealed when asked, not because I use natural birth as a casual conversation starter at playgroup.” // Melissa via www.pregnantchicken.com

Melissa refers to her daughter’s birth as the best day of her life, feeling empowered and in control. She said that she enjoyed the childbirth experience, but of course by that she means she didn’t totally hate it!

#4. Luck is a huge factor.

Most childbirths that I hear about have some sort of minor complication that requires attention. For Melissa, hers was totally unhindered, no breech, no complications, no elevated heart or blood pressure rates. This comes down at least in some part, to just good luck.

“I have heard enough birth stories to know that some people have trouble going into labor, babies get stuck, emergencies happen.” // Melissa via www.pregnantchicken.com

Her stars were aligned, as she describes it… however…

#5. My next birth will probably suck.

Really. Luck runs out! Time will tell.

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Curated guest post by Melissa via www.pregnantchicken.com


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