5 People That Will Annoy You After Giving Birth

It’s important to have patient, loving people around you after giving birth. You are going to be exhausted and will need some help.

Giving birth will draw tons of loving, caring people to your door. Unless you’re comfortable telling people, “No, you can’t visit!” there will likely be some people who you wish weren’t around. Here are those people:

5 (Sometimes) Annoying Types Of People

The Non-Helpers

These are the people who say they’ll come over to help but do nothing. They really just want to love on the new baby, which is not a bad thing! But if anyone should be loving on a newborn, it’s their mama. Holding Baby while you’re napping could be a great help, but what you really need is help with the cooking and cleaning. Your sole task as a new mom is to rest, recuperate, and bond with your baby. Find a friend who will dust the house, make you chicken soup, and chop some fruit and veggies for a ready-to-make smoothie. Then, if you want them to, they can hold the baby.

The Vacationers

It’s great to see relatives from out-of-town, but you do not need extra mouths to feed or an extra mess to clean up. Even worse, if they’re staying in your home thinking they can party it up like they’re on vacation, they may be annoying if you’re exhausted and you really just want to focus on the bliss of having a new baby. You may need to set some boundaries so guests are not waking you and baby up at all hours, or just ask any out-of-town visitors to stay in a hotel.

The Junk Food Junkie

You’ve already spent your entire pregnancy eating fresh, healthy, nutrient-dense foods for the benefit of you and your baby. Are you going to stop after giving birth? Of course not! Now more than any other time you need real (read: not packaged, not processed) food for you, your baby, and your breast milk. That family member who keeps bringing you junk food can get really annoying really fast. Try telling them you have enough food and their presence is gift enough.

The Sick Ones

Newborns need to stay away from germs. You know this so you stay home, stay in, and keep them safe. Then, they arrive… the coughing, sniffling, don’t-worry-I’m-not-contagious-anymore ones. We know everyone is anxious to check on you and the baby, but ask those who are sick to return when they’re better. Seriously. Be a stickler about this one. It’s best for your baby.

The Unsolicited Advice-Givers

They have advice on everything from what you should be eating to what time to get baby to sleep…even if you didn’t ask. Some people just want to add their two cents to everything and you may not be in the mood to hear it. Even worse is another mother who thinks everything you are doing is wrong and tells you so. That’s not at all what you need as a new mom.

Be as patient as you can with people. Some just don’t know how to react. Be patient with yourself, too, and set the boundaries you need. Giving birth is exhausting, and this is a special time for you, baby, and your partner. Let others help when needed, but don’t let anyone take that special time away. Feel free to say, “No, you can’t visit yet!”


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