Be Supportive of Women Who Want Natural Child Birth

Be Careful What You Say to a Woman Who Wants a Natural Birth

Medicine has come a long way. In the past women who went into labor had no choice but to have their babies natural. Of course, that is no longer the case.

Women do not have to give birth naturally if they do not want to. There are even some that have planned C-sections. There are some that still want a natural birth for their precious bundle of joy. We should be supportive of whatever way they want to give birth.

We should respect their choices. Parenting shame needs to stop. We need to respect other moms and their choices. What’s right for one mom may not be right for another. Everyone is different and if a woman wants to give birth naturally then she has thoroughly research on the topic. Be supportive of how they want to deliver their baby.

Read through this and tell us what you think!

This may come as a surprise to the people who say cruel things like this but women who choose natural birth are humans, too. They actually do have feelings! They think through their choices and decide what is best for them.

I get that natural birth isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I really do. That’s fine. No one is saying that everyone should have a natural birth, but those who do choose that route should never have to feel attacked, alienated or shamed like the women who heard these things from friends, family, or strangers.

Imagine the uproar there would be if people started telling women that they were “wimps,” “less of a woman,” “broken,” “putting their baby in danger” or “chicken” if they chose an epidural. The outcry would be phenomenal — or it should be.


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