The Best Way to Plan for Your Dream Birth

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Labor and delivery are forces of nature. There’s no controlling them and there’s no predicting the exact outcome. There’s only “riding the waves,” as the saying goes, and hoping for the best.

Well, I think you can do more than hope. You can PLAN for the best! So while that other saying goes, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” I say planning for the best is way more empowering.

Here’s how…

Conquer your fears

I wanted a natural birth. I was scared of needing a C-section at the last minute. Why? I wanted to hold my baby right after birth. I wanted skin-to-skin contact. I wanted a successful breastfeeding relationship and nursing immediately after birth is one of the simplest ways to help establish that relationship. I was scared all these things would be taken away from me if I got a C-section.

After discussing these concerns with my midwife, I was immediately comforted. Basically, I learned I could still do all these things even after a C-section. She also recommended a doctor who performed C-sections and encouraged all his moms to welcome their newborns in just this way. Whew!

Voicing my fears led me to the one thing I desperately needed during pregnancy – peace of mind. So don’t hold back, momma. Face those fears!

Establish your deal-breakers

These are your non-negotiables, things you will absolutely fight for and regret horribly if you don’t fight for them. For example, one of mine was to get skin-to-skin contact as soon as baby was born. Barring some unforeseeable, life-threatening emergency my newborn was under no circumstances to be separated from me for at least one hour after birth.

I made this known to my partner, my midwife, and everyone else participating in the birth. I also made everyone promise that if we did have to move to the hospital (I had planned a home birth) they would relay this information to all the new folks involved. I then wrote it in my birth plan to take to the hospital if necessary.

My deal-breaker list was short, only three things, but as long as I got those three things I would have no regrets. That’s the point of your deal-breakers. A regret-free labor and delivery you can be proud of.


Professional athletes do it. Why not expectant moms?

In the final weeks of pregnancy, I imagined over and over again holding my seconds-old baby in my arms while lying in my bed at home. I imagined my husband and midwife’s smiling faces. I imagined the peace in the room, the soft light, and my birthing music playing in the background.

Every morning, every night, and a couple of times a day I daydreamed about the bliss and the ease of birth and a healthy, vibrant baby in my arms.

And guess what? I had my dream home birth.

Obviously, these simple steps are no guarantee you’ll have the birth you imagine. But you know what? You’ve got a team of people (your midwife’s or your doctor’s team) totally prepared for the worst. You, strong momma, have the unique privilege of being able to plan for the BEST!

And no matter what happens, you’re gonna do great!

BONUS: As an addition to visualization, here’s a beautiful, short video filled with super empowering affirmations to help you prepare for a wonderful birth!

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