Breastfeeding Can Help Women’s Long Term Health

A new study highlighted by HealthDay is showing a link between women’s lifespan and giving birth and

The study published in BMC Medicine “found fewer deaths among women who gave birth between the ages of 26 and 30 than among those who were older or who gave birth at age 20 or younger. Women who breast­fed also lived longer than those who did not.”

Data from 32,000 women was studied over the course of 13 years and seems to suggest that women who had given birth, breast­fed and started menstruating when they were 15 or older had a lower risk of death from circulatory diseases. Additionally, women who had given birth and breastfed had a reduced risk of heart disease related death.

“While the study found an association between childbirth, breastfeeding and life span, it did not prove a cause­and­effect relationship.”

The effect could be due to a change in hormone levels in women who either had a child or breastfed. Birth control pills could also be of similar benefit. More research is needed to determine the cause and effect relationship. According to researchers,

“that knowledge could lead to new ways to improve women’s long­term health.”

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