Deep Cleaning Your House Before Baby

Deep Cleaning Your House Before Baby?

You may have a full 9 months, but there is a lot of prep to do before baby. We have talked about house prep before, but another great thing to do is get the house deep cleaned. Parents and family can work together on this or you could hire a service. If you are the one pregnant and very far along, be careful. You do not want to be around cleaning fumes, or hurt yourself. It’s not worth the risk.

Shelley Frost, with eHow, suggests using non-toxic cleaners like vinegar and baking soda: How To Clean Your House Before Giving Birth

Shelley also suggests tackling the project by room to make it easier.

Clean up one room at a time to make the job seem more manageable. Sort through the items in the room, removing anything you no longer need or want.

I’m sure you can find others willing to pitch in.

Having light fixtures, fans, air vents, and even your refrigerator thoroughly cleaned will save you time and stress later on. Knowing that your house is safe and clean will allow you to focus on your new bundle of joy when he or she arrives.

If you don’t know where to start YouTube and Pinterest are great resources to find deep cleaning routines.

Pinterest: Deep Clean House

Remember these routines are just suggestions to help you develop your own. *Also, remeber that the people in these videos may not be pregnant, so use caution when copying their routines and cleaners…

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Chelsey Perea, co-owner of Green & Clean Cleaning Professionals LLC in Salt Lake City, and Bonnie Dewkett, certified professional organizer with The Joyful Organizer in Ridgefield, Conn., share not only what you should deep clean now, but also tips on how to clean them.

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