How To Reduce Your Risk Of Having A C-Section

1 out of every 3 women who is pregnant right now will have one. ~Aha Parenting

We’re talking C-sections.

How can you reduce your chances of having one?

Carefully Choose Your Provider

FitPregnancy recommends choosing your health care provider carefully. Rather than just taking whoever, find out what his or her rate of c-section is. Providers have different ways of practicing. Some may practice more like midwives, others more like your stereotypical family doctor. If you need help, seek out a Doula. Doulas often have experience with all different kinds of practices and births. They may be able to give you some advice. Read More Here

Exercise Moderately

That walking during your first and second trimester can go a long way in helping to prevent cesareans. Sedentary women are 4x more likely to have a c-section than women who have practiced light aerobics during their early pregnancy. Keep Reading Here

Avoid Induction

If you can, let labor start on its own.

…when labor inductions are initiated in a woman whose body is not ready for labor her chances of failing the induction, and ending up delivering by Cesarean, are greater. ~HealthNews

Avoiding labor inducing drugs, and going as natural as possible, can also go a long way towards a natural birth.

Educate Yourself

Knowing all you can about birth and how it works, will help you feel more comfortable and prepared. This can relieve some of the panics and prevent an unnecessary feeling or need of a c-section. Hospital classes can be useful to help you understand birthing procedures. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Read More Here

Reducing C-Section Risk

  • Don’t pop water early
  • Exercise (stretching)
  • Avoid an epidural
  • Have a supportive partner

Need more ideas for questions to ask your doctor? Read our article “12 Questions you’re too scared to ask your doctor when pregnant

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