Major Changes in Vaccine Education May be Coming

Vaccination Education May be Changing

American’s unique views on vaccination continues to summon interesting results. According to a study found nearly three-quarters of mothers and fathers began deciding which vaccines they want to give to their child before they knew they were having a baby. This has led researchers to believe education on vaccines may be more effective if they took place prior to a birth.12179804_10206600611868474_978341395_n

“Researchers at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital surveyed 170 mothers and fathers in the postpartum ward who had given birth between February and April 2015. A significant majority (72 percent) reported starting to develop vaccine preferences for their newborn before conception…Parents who had previously talked with their partner about vaccines for their child and parents who were more highly educated were more likely to begin deciding on vaccines before pregnancy.”

If they find that these studies translate on a national level it could mean major changes in education policy regarding vaccines.

According to the report the most common influences for vaccine decision-making were the advice of family and friends, medical staff, and organizations such as the AAP and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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