Naturopathic Care Pregnancy

Herbal And Naturopathic Care during pregnancy?

Marina of Iona Herbal is sharing a video about the herbs and nutrients she is using during her pregnancy.

*This post is for information purposes and not medical advice. Always consult your physician.*

Nausea and Vomiting

  • Ginger- can make into a tea
  • Mint- peppermint tea
  • Lemonbalm
  • Meadow Sweet/Calendula
  • Catnip
  • Coconut water (for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits)

Raspberry Leaf Tea is a bit controversial but often touted as having many benefits for pregnancy. Raspberry leaf can strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor preparing you for birth. Can drink closer to your due date.

Can prepare herbs together for a tea as shown…

Naturopathic and Herbal Care Pregnancy

  • Nettle is also full of loads of minerals and vitamins that can be helpful.
  • Milk Thistle (helps with breast milk production and works to help detoxify the liver)
  • Skullcap (brings the calm)

Aside from herbs, don’t forget your macronutrients like protein.


Protein is very important during pregnancy as at all times. If you are vegetarian, you can look to sources like quinoa, beans, and legumes. Hummus is a great, nutrient-rich snack. Sprouts and chia seeds are also power packed nutrients, especially in your first trimester.


Juicing greens and vegetables can be an easy way to get  your vegetables. Kale and celery are wonderful additions to your juice. Throw some flaxseed in your smoothies or juice to keep bowels regular. (Find the best pregnancy juice for you)

Reducing sodium and upping your water intake can help with swelling. Reducing your wheat intake can also help.

Have you had any great results with herbs while pregnant? Let us know in the comments!

Here’s a quick list of what herbs to avoid during pregnancy.

Remember to always check with your healthcare provider.

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