Newborn’s Touch Wakes Mother from Coma

The Healing Power of a Newborn’s Love

Several major news outlets are reporting on the amazing story of a woman and her newborn child. Shelly Cawley was placed on a  ‘last chance’ ventilator after she went into a coma while giving birth, and remained unresponsive through a series of medical attempts to wake her up. According to  local news sources, her doctors attempted to utilize all the medicine and machines they had to wake her without seeing any positive changes. That was until a nurse had the idea to place the mother and baby together and allow them some skin to skin contact.

After some time the baby began crying, and Shelly woke from her Coma.

“They saw a spike in my vitals when she did cry. They think that me hearing her subconsciously gave my body and my subconscious a reason to fight,” Shelly was reported as saying. According to ABC7 news Shelly also stated that she believes that mother/daughter bond is what made her fight to stay alive. “I’m still here because of her, and I just can’t wait to tell her that. I can’t wait to tell her that she saved my life,”

Baby Ryland and her family celebrated her first birthday last week.

Apparently this isn’t the first time the bond between a mother and child has overcome such adversity.  Here is a similar story from some months ago in Tennessee.

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