Ready To Baby proof Your Home?

Babyproofing is an essential part of prepping. Getting your home ready for your little one making sure he or she is safe. Sure, your newborn will not be crawling around getting into things right away. But, it will come faster than you think, so get a head start with these great babyproofing posts…

Babyproofing Your Home From Top To Bottom,

What will your baby get into once he’s crawling? Walking? Able to climb? It’s hard to tell — and that’s why it’s

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important to babyproof your home. Making a house baby-safe means ensuring that whatever he might try to open, pull on, or play with won’t hurt him. It also means making sure you have all the safety basics covered, such as confirming that all your smoke alarms have batteries (and that they work!) and that you have emergency phone numbers posted near all your phones.

Put aside one weekend to secure your house, room by room, to make it safe. It may only take you several hours total, and getting it out of the way will give you peace of mind, even though you’ll need to update your efforts as your child grows.

This post covers everything from the nursery to the kitchen with demonstration videos! has more Babyproofing 101 Posts Here!

Childproofing Around The House, BabyCenter

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If home safety measures seem overwhelming, our childproofing checklists can help. They let you see at a glance what to do before your baby arrives, before your baby crawls, and before your baby starts toddling and climbing. You’ll also find safety tips in our articles about childproofing your nursery, kitchen, and bathroom.



20+ Tips for Babyproofing Your Home,

How to babyproof all the rooms in your home, plus child safety products to make your house safe…


This post via lists everything from safe water temperatures when giving your baby a bath to US Government crib safety standards. Each slide also has a list of products to up the safety in each area!

They have even thought about the pet Kibble,

 Pet kibble is a choking hazard, and if left unattended, you can count on it ending up in baby’s mouth. If you feed Fido as soon as you walk in the door, stand by as he eats, then immediately remove the bowl.


This tricks will bring some sanity.  Promise.

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30 Ways to Baby Proof Your Home, SheKnows

Follow these 30 tips to baby proof your home, from the living room to the bathroom…

baby proof

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