What it’s like to breastfeed for the first time

It makes sense that you would think breastfeeding is easy as its a natural process.

Your dream world

You sit in the beautiful and super comfy chair you choose for this exact moment as you put your baby to your breast. Voila and there it begins, your baby breastfeeds till they’re full and drifting off in a milk coma. You stare at your beautiful baby, marveling at your creation.

The reality

You will be constantly switching between trying to get your baby to latch on and waking them up as they are more interested in sleeping. Somewhere along the way, you got soaked in milk and the thought that you have to go through it again in two hours makes you cringe. How can a toothless baby bite like a barracuda?

Making it easier

Bring baby to your chest and rub your nipple against her lower lip to send him the message that he should start to eat. Nurse until your breast feels empty, then offer him your other breast. If he won’t latch for long, switch sides—back and forth—until he’s through.


Your baby will nod off so try everything you can to keep them awake or wake them. Tickle their feet or strip them down to their diaper when breastfeeding to keep them alert.

Be patient

Practice makes perfect, you are both new to this so keep at it. If you worry your baby isn’t feeding properly, talk to a lactation consultant. Babies lose almost 10% of their body weight in the first week but should gain it back by the third or fourth week at the latest.

Some sanity saving products have been created to help you and your baby while breastfeeding. Buy whatever you need to get you comfortable, its all the food your baby will be getting for the next 6 months.


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