How to Get a Smoother, Faster Labor And Delivery

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We all hear that labor is like a marathon – an event that is exhausting, mentally draining and physically draining. While there are the rare cases of short and relatively ‘easy’ labors, they pale in comparison to the horrendous stories we hear of long, drawn out and seemingly endless labor’s.

There are certain things, however, that may help you have a labor that goes smoother and faster. The more and more studies that take place, the closer we get to real hard evidence of successful practices to reduce the length and severity of labor. The following three things you implement do have their groundings based in science, however, direct conclusivity is yet to be achieved.

But as says,

“as long as they’re not dangerous, I’m interested in trying them out.”


1. Dates

Why pregnant women should eat dates

A study was carried out and reported by the National Institutes of Health, reporting that women who ate six dates a day during the last four weeks of their pregnancy, actually had shorter labors and with fewer interventions.

“Ninety-six percent of the date-eating women went into spontaneous labor (compared to 79 percent of the non-date eaters) and only 28 percent of those that ate dates needed oxytocin to assist labor as opposed to 47 percent who didn’t eat dates.” –

Also, women who consumed the dates were also more dilated than those who didn’t, when admitted to the hospital.

Pregnant woman and dates

Finally, and perhaps the most compelling figure, is that the first stage of labour lasted an average of 8.5 hours in the date eating women, versus a 15 hour average for those that didn’t!

Eating six dates per day should be pretty easy for most, but you can always add them into smoothies or hide them in your own granola bars! Or fill them in with almond butter if you’re not a big date fan!

2. Sleep

Pregnant woman sleeping

“While it sounds cruel to tell a woman in the end stages of pregnancy to try to sleep more, it could be worth it to do whatever it takes to get some extra shut eye.”

Of course, this is no easy feat. Insomnia, discomfort and constant waking up if you have other kids can make getting more sleep seemingly impossible. However, women who slept less than six hours a night at the end of pregnancy reportedly had longer lasting labors, and had a higher chance of needing a C-section.

A hard task, but with motivation like that, you’ll be trying whatever it takes to get some more shut eye!

3. Red raspberry leaf tea

pregnant women drinking tea warm outside

We all hear of the benefits of herbal teas, and when talking about pregnancy and labor, you can’t go past red raspberry leaf tea.

Red raspberry leaf tea appears to be able to help shorten labor, prevent pre- or post-term gestation, avoid artificial rupture of membranes, and decrease the need for a C-section or vacuum-assisted delivery.” –

It has also been know to be able to help tone the uterus and ease labor pains, because of this it has been suggested you wait until your second or third trimester before consuming red raspberry leaf tea.


Have you tried any of these methods to shorten labor? Did they work?


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