Startling Discovery: Fetal Cells May Protect Mom Post-Delivery

According to a report by NPR, scientists have made a startling discovery. A child’s cells may stick around to play a role in the mother’s health even after birth. That’s not the only startling discovery either. According to the article “You likely have cells from your older siblings in your body. And cells from your grandmother, maybe even your great-grandmother.” Scientists are just figuring out what these cells may be doing and how they got there. Already these findings may have implications for how cancer and autoimmune diseases affect women. It clearly goes beyond that though f1

“Nelson has been studying this rogue fetal material for more than 20 years. It contains DNA from the fetus, tiny pieces of the placenta and potent fetal cells. They travel around the mom’s bloodstream and sneak into her organs.

‘They can go to the liver and become liver cells, or go into the heart and become muscle cells,’ Nelson says. Fetal cells can even cross the blood-brain barrier and turn into neurons.”

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