Preparing A Diaper Bag For Your Newborn

Maybe you have given great consideration to your hospital bag as your due date nears, but what about your diaper bag. You will need one of those right away and it’s a great time to start learning how to pack it like a pro!

Have a look at this roundup and you will have your newborn’s diaper bag ready to go in no time…

Checklist: Packing A Diaper Bag, TheBump

Newborns will need their diapers changed…a lot! TheBump knows this and suggests one for every two hours along with some extras. Read the full Diaper Bag Checklist

Packing The Perfect Diaper Bag, AlphaMom

Packing the perfect diaper bag is an art — a feat of organizational triumph crossed with future-telling powers and more than a little bit of OCD. And alas, it is not an art I have personally perfected.

Before Noah was born, I went online and found some insane “diaper bag checklist” thing and followed it to the letter. I had extra outfits! Sunscreen! 17 spare diapers! Pacifiers ready to go in separate sanitary plastic baggies! Vaseline! And then he was born and didn’t fit into any of the outfits or diapers I’d packed, didn’t like any of the pacifiers I’d chosen and you know when I figured this stuff out? When I was out. In the wild. On my own. When there was nothing I could do about any of it. Keep Reading

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Heather has had four babies but still doesn’t claim to be an expert. She says that you will certainly need a diaper bag, however. The one you choose, from a stylish tote to a backpack, is up to you! Read Heather’s suggestions Here

Ok, you know you need a diaper bag and even have an idea of what to put in it, but how do you pack it? Being super busy with a newborn, it is good to practice ahead. Here are some…

Packing Tips For Your Bag

How to Pack a Diaper Bag | CloudMom

“The key with the diaper bag, is to pack what you need, but not a lot more than what you need.” ~Melissa

Good Rules To Start:

  • Diapers you will need + 2 (place in bottom)
  • 2 undershirts or onesies + 2 front snap PJs (leave the clean ones in the bag for later)
  • Full box of moist wipes (make sure they have not dried out)
  • Changing Pad (small one)
  • A hat (if in a cold climate)
  • Diaper cream (fits great in a front pocket, can carry the smaller tubes or samples)
  • A pair of those adorable little socks (this can go under or over footie PJs to keep baby extra warm)
  • Bra pads (at least one set if not more in case you leak on one side)
  • Bibs (2+)
  • Burp cloths (The ones from the hospital work and these fit nicely at the top of your bag for easy access)
  • Emergency pacifiers (in case baby gets extra fuzzy)

This sounds like a long list, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a breeze. You can just swap out items that need to be cleaned for fresh ones and leave many things packed. Happy Organizing for your newborn!

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