Organization In Preparing For Baby

Organization for your nursery, preparing for baby…

Nesting is like spring cleaning on steroids. ~HuffPost Parents

Part of that nesting spell is organization for your house and nursery before the baby arrives. We have talked about Nesting Mode and Deep Cleaning, but sometimes it’s great to have a visual. So, today’s post comes via video!

Organization In The Nursery:

  • Wash all baby’s clothes so they are ready when the baby arrives
  • Find or purchase some bins to organize the small things (could be a great DIY project)
  • Shelves are great
  • Sterilize everything (36-37 weeks)
  • Put clothes in order by size/month (can separate in drawers 0-3 months, 3-6, etc)
  • Burp clothes, hats, and bibs can be handy in a drawer of the changing table
  • Month dividers are great for hanging clothes in the closet

Baby In The Kitchen:

  • Small bottles in front, larger in back for later
  • Extra nipples and liners
  • Keep new valves on hand
  • Shields, connectors for breastfeeding


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